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ageing cats

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Hi everybody

Ive got 2 cats, both getting on (12 and 13). One, Sophie, is doing ok, its winter and she doesnt have to deal with harvest mite allergy, so she's all fat n fuzzy. She had tick bite fever which turned into cat aids but she's in amazing health considering.

The other, Sydney, our male, is looking all skinny at the haunches and I can feel his spine and tail bones. His coat is still shiny (long haired) but he's ripping out clumps of fur from his legs and has licked his tummy almost bald. I can't think what he's allergic to at this time of year?

He recently had a spell of sickness and was off his food for nearly a week. He was happy with treats (licks of vegemite, a teaspoon of cream and squares of cooked turkey) but he didnt eat with his usual gusto or play mousey etc.

He's kind of recovered, is fully wormed and vaccinated, doesnt have fleas (well, many) hasnt got any sign of ticks (its winter too, so theyre not around) and neither have had any injuries. But it worries me that he's still so skinny and doing the extra licking and fur biting.

Any suggestions?
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Being a senior cat, has he had a senior blood panel done to check for all possible problems that aging cats get? Did he go to the vet for not eating? A week long on little to no food can have dire consequences for a cat.
Really the only suggestion here is a vet ASAP.
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Yes, it sounds like they need to be seen by a vet.
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He needs to see a Vet. my Cat will be 16 anyday. He needs tests to see what is wrong. He could have Kidney Failure. A Week is way to long not to want to eat. Coco chewed her fur off too and the Vet said it might be from her Arthitis Pain. she is Allergic and the Pollen has come out here. Her Allergies and asthma are acting up. You really need to go to the vet now. Older Cats get sick easier.
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Senior blood work from the vet... make sure it includes Kindeys, liver, pancreas, thyriod function
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Hope things go well at the vets.
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any news on sydney? hope all is ok.
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Hi folks

Well, he got the all-clear from the vet and is eating again. I didnt see the messages re blood tests for all the senior cat issues til now Hmm.

But our vet is usually really good. He took Syd's tempertaure, had a good ol feel around, checked his teeth, looked at what worm pills we give him ( I took them in) and also at the brewer's yeast (vit b) I give him. He said his tongue was a good colour and that his itching could be dust mite allergy but to watch him really carefully and if no improvement in 36-48 hours bring him straight back.

Good news, Syddie ate all his turkey, asked for more. He played mousey and leapt around outside. I think maybe he ate a bad mouse and had bad tummy that he used to recover from in a day or 2 but now he's old it takes longer.

But, Im wathcing him like a hawk and Im going to call the vet and ask about blood tests. Id like him to come out of poss to save poor old Syd a trip in the car-monster.

Are there any extra supplements I could put in his food to help with the itching?

Thanks for the hlp, folks!
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Glad he is better. Not to be rude or anything, but vegemite is a treat?
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Originally Posted by butzie View Post
Glad he is better. Not to be rude or anything, but vegemite is a treat?
in the uk we call it marmite and have this ad campaign that is 'love it or loath it'. my kitties all love it as do my family, know some people that can't stand it though! you'd be one too i'm guessing?

great news about sydney that he got the all clear! have you considered a homeopathic remedy for the itching? could be worth a try.
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