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Sunday What's On Your Agenda

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Morning All!!

Nice and sunny here but -22 It is suppose to warm up by tonight however and freeze rain
Now I ask you How is that betterwell it apparently is because the weather for caster this morning seemed pretty cheerful while predicting it

Heading of to work for awhile, am planning on making as short of a day as possible I think I am coming down with a cold.

Nothing much else planned, put the fixings for beef barley soup in the crock pot so that with some crusty bread is dinner.

Then just watching TV and puttering at the computer..

Kitties are good, Pixie is walking around the house chirping about something....Not sure what she is looking for but she generally does it when she looking for the other cats. They are both sitting in the window looking at her as if she has lost it..

Everyone have a good one
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I'm going to the gym today. My shoulder which I dislocated last weekend has been feeling pretty good the last couple of days and has stayed in it's socket since Tuesday, so I'm off to at least do the treadmill and some aquafit!

I don't know what the weather is like. It's cloudy and yesterday it was chilly but the snow was soft because it was melting a bit. So it's probably the same.

Not doing much after the gym. Laundry and I want to try and work on my website a bit. Maybe do my dishes
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I have some studying to do. I have a quiz tomorrow and 2 tests this week.

I also have to clean. The apartment needs a good vacuuming and I have to clean the bath.

DH is going to do laundry today.
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Good morning!

We're going to work on getting over this flu; resting and drinking liquids. If we're up for it, we might walk to a nearby bistro for lunch. Something warm to eat sounds good!

At 6:30 a.m. it's 3.9° C (39° F), another chilly day, here on our little edge of the island.
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hello all! am going to see my mummy! & for the rest of the day, will probably be on here!
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I am going to my salsa class at noon. Then DH and I are going to lunch at a restaurant near the pet store so we can get Butzie food. She is down to her last can
That is if my armchair athlete DH doesn't get hurt today. It is "spring training" for his softball league. He doesn't exercise the rest of the year so I am hoping for the best.
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I just made some banana's now in the oven... an hour or so, I'll eat it.

That's my plan!
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Just got done with some shopping, not sure about the rest of the day... it's a beautiful 60 degree day here though, so we'll probably be outside a little bit later!
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Hanging out in NC right now at my parents house - we brought souvenirs and gifts from our cruise up here, as well as pictures from the wedding, reception and honeymoon. We're leaving later today to drive back to SC - not sure what time yet though. We like to get back before it's too dark or late. Get to see my Caliper, Chassis & Tailpipe while I'm here!
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Today is relax and get better day.
Hubby went home sick yesterday from work, and now I feel like someone ran over my head with a motorcycle. It's been pounding all morning and half the night. Glad I got all my cleaning done yesterday. I'm not up for it today.

Off to lay down now.
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Find something small to eat and take meds - over did it a bit yesterday and my SI joint is very sore. The walk was worth it.

Then I need to get some wormer into a recently spayed stray I've taken on. Shouldn't be too hard, she's a good girl.
After that DH and I need to go get a few things in town.
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work and recovering from last nights party!
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Its 39F here!!!! The snow is melting a bit!!!!
We chipped the majority of the ice off the driveway so it will be clear for a while-its was almost two inches in spots.

I'm the pround owner of a 17 cu ft capacity John Deere cart that we had to find room for in the garage.

Did some laundry and Neil is in "the shop" working on turning a wooden bowl.

Not much else going on......
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I had work this morning. After work i came home and took a nice little nap for a while! I feel sooo much better too!

My mom's on her way to my house now so we can go and shop together for her a dress to wear to my wedding.
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