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Operation Happy Sock

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Thought this might be something you could pass along to friends, family , teachers....for anyone who has a shelter they support or a cat they love.

This is also a great classroom project...feel free to pass along to schools or families you think may be interested.

Below is the introduction from the woman who started this. I tried to attach the instruction kit (very cute) but it exceeded the file size for this group. If anyone wants a copy of the free kit, just email me at birdsong123@aol.com and I'll be happy to send it directly to you through email (don't forget to send me your email adddy)

Really great idea! FUn and easy for kids and adults.

Donna and The Bean


Thank you so much for getting in touch about Operation Happy Sock. I'm glad to hear of your interest because this project is a lot of fun for most anyone, as well as a nice way to show a few homeless cats a good time.

Attached is the "Operation Happy Sock Info Kit", a Word document that includes everything you need to get started. If you have any questions or need help with any part of the project, I'm always available online at happysock@cox.net and I'm ready to help your Operation Happy Sock be a success.

Most folks do Operation Happy Sock in THREE PHASES:

1) Collecting socks for at least a week or two ahead of time;

2) Having a Happy Sock Production Party where the Happy Socks are actually made; and

3) Visiting their local animal shelter to give Happy Socks to the cats, because cats can say THANK YOU better than anyone else! >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^<

After you’ve made your Happy Socks, please get in touch again. I keep track of how many Happy Socks have been made, and I’d also love to hear how your project went and which shelter was the lucky recipient of your Happy Socks. Photos are always very welcome, too!

Again, thank you very much for your interest. Please don't hesitate to
contact me about whatever you need to help your group have a wonderful
Operation Happy Sock!

All the best,


P.S. Our Happy Sock logo and mascot, “Hugger,†is yours to use in any way that helps make your project a success!

Martha Powers


Operation Happy Sock
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I think I will check with my shelter to see if they will accept the Happy socks. It sounds like a wonderful idea and easy to accomplish, but my shleter can be wierd about common sense things.
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What a great idea! I think that's something I can do!
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Oh man that's a great idea! And you don't have to know how to sew!!!
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Here is a place where you can now download the free kit without having to email anyone to request it:

The download is at the very bottom. We love this project, so easy!

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This is such a great idea!
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