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Hi I just joined. I have 2 Cornish Rexes, an Abysinnian and 5 domestic shorthairs. My husband and I have been married 7 years on Sunday and we each had cats prior to our marriage; some died since and we have some new ones. I have a quesiton: does anyone know of a company that has pedigree charts for cats. The one i have from my breeder is not real "pretty" and I am looking for one I could fill in the data and post on the wall. I have looked at catshows, etc. Any ideas?
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Hi and welcome.
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Welcome to the site!

I'll move this question to the Breeder's Forum since they would probably know where you can find what you are looking for.
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We use Family tree maker. It's readily available online, at computer shows, or at your local computer store..

Welcome to the Cat Site by the way!!!!
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Just wanna add another website for you:


Take care!

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