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Not Cool!!

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So.. guess what I found on IMDB.com... Ace Ventura 3!! Yea thats what I thought: "Ooh it took them long enough! wonder what this ones about!!"
NOPE! ITS CRAP!! I haven't seen it.. it comes out in this yr... but if you've seen Dumb and Dumberer and Son of the Mask.. you can tell this is gonna be Crap... Get my point?

It bothers me so much that there gonna go off and Ruin a nice line of Movies ((of course the First and Second will always be good )) but why make a Third if Jim's not in it?!! Yea it might come out Funny.. but it'll never be like the First and Second


They did the same to Dr.Dolittle too... I mean, why make another Sequel if the Main Character isn't gonna be in it!!!
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Im a Jim Carrey fan too so I dont understand that either!!
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grrr that's crap! am sooo not going to watch that now! he's the one that make's those film's what they are!
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Yeah I love Jim Carey - he's hilarious! Why make a film without him?!
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If Jim's not in it - it will not take off. And besides, Dumb and Dumber was the only movie I didn't like that Jim did.
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