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Did you have an engagement party?

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I am currently organising our engagement party, of course we will have two! one here and one in Australia. Although over here it would be more wedding related as I am making a cake and little gifts for our guests as they would not be able to attend the wedding in Australia.

What did you do for your engagement party?
Did you play games? or was it more of a piss up?
what food did you provide?
Did you have a little book so the guests could write something in it to wish you well ect?

I am getting a little too excited but its so fun fun!
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Unfortunatly I can't be any help here! My whole wedding was set up in less than 3 days, and we didn't have an engagement party! The whole wedding was about 10 minutes long and there was probably only 30 people there and they were all immediate family! I hope you have fun at yours!! Get yourself a stripper or something! LOL
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i think that would be more of a hens night thing! which will be held in September
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We never had one either and my Wedding was small.
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we never had an engagement party as I believe people were going to celebrate my marriage enough, bridal shower...etc. so I didn't have one. I mean I had dinner with some friends but that's it.
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itta did, I did not have a male guy night out.
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
itta did, I did not have a male guy night out.
Well the hens and stag night is another thing.
I dont expect a bridal shower.

to us the engagement party was another thing? where you celebrate it together
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i never had one. being a poor student at the time LOL! i just spent it with my partner, think we went out for a meal! was sooo lovely how he proposed though!
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We had a very small engagement party - I went to my step-dad's place in Sweden, with my mum, to start making a dinner that had already been planned. We decked out the balcony on the pretence that it was something fun for Alex to do while we were cooking (and it would keep him out from under our feet) and set out a nice table spread. Rune drove his mum and her wife from Denmark to Sweden and brought a bottle of champagne with him - he'd been given one at work after his IT department won "Best IT Dept. in Denmark". We all got together and we announced it then - so we'd managed to keep it secret right under their noses up until the very last minute! It was nice to just sit down and have a nice quiet affair with family - neither of us are that big on huge parties...
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We had an engagement party! We have a friend in Austin who has all of Martha Stewart's talents and more. The party was at her house and she made all the food, desserts, and I remember a punchbowl filled with a creamy ice cold coffee drink, made with fresh roasted coffee she'd brought back from Hawaii.

I also had a party that three of my friends threw for just us girls. Is that a bridal shower? The theme was a wine-tasting. We didn't play games because we never ran out of things to talk about. I received nice wine-related gifts: glasses, good corkscrews, and lots of bottles of wine.

I guess it was a bit of a piss up, LOL!

I'm sure you will have a blast, and enjoy the planning, too.
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No we didn't have one. We were living in MA and all of our family was in NY. Besides, we were an interfaith couple then. We were just hoping that we would get through the wedding. I converted 11 years after the wedding and we got remarried. We through ourselves a very nice reception.
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We aren't planning to have one, but we're not very traditional. We've been living together for a few years and knew we'd get married eventually, so we just decided to sit down and set a date instead of the whole proposal thing. We're not telling anyone until Christmas. I am a ceramist, so instead of "save the date" cards I'm going to make small ceramic pieces that have the date we're getting married stamped into them. We're going to give them to everyone for Christmas, and that will be the only "event" until the wedding.

On the other hand, if you are planning an engagement party you can do just about anything. Find something that suits your personalities. A proper afternoon tea, a wine tasting, a barbeque, camping (people can have the option to camp with you, or just visit and go back to sleep in comfort)...I think the options are limitless really.
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We didn't have one. I had a bridal shower, but it was all church people - a nice Sunday afternoon tea. Sorry I can't help!
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It started out as a BBQ for just the parents then we invited some friends. We didn't think of it as an engagement party but apparently the guests did.
My co-worker threw another one a year later, closer to the wedding date. He just served cold meats, cheese, & cake.
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We didn't. I kind of don't see the point of an engagement party. You're celebrating the union at the wedding, why do you need to spend more money on another party??
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I didn't know you were engaged Fwan!!!
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
We didn't. I kind of don't see the point of an engagement party. You're celebrating the union at the wedding, why do you need to spend more money on another party??
We are doing something so complicated, we will be having an engagement party here but our budget is only 150 euros and its for the guests who really cannot fly all the way to Australia and i have some friends and co workers who mean alot to me and they arent able to make it there.
(we plan on having it in a garden, and i will be making the cake and more of finger foods)

When we get back to australia it will be a welcome back/engagement party and its only a bbq with all the friends and family. And the proper wedding (with all family and friends and reception photos ect) will be in October 2009.
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Definitely cant be of help - we didnt have an engagement party. My cousin had one at a very fancy restaurant in New Jersey though. Good luck with all your planning!
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Way back when I get married (1985) there wasn't such a party celebrated by anyone I know.
Just had two bridal showers and the night out with the bridesmaids/female friends.

Whatever you do have a good time!!
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We had our engagement party about a month or two after we got engaged (honestly can't remember) (we got engaged on July 29). We all just hung out at the party and ate and talked. We didn't play any games or have them sign a book- but that would have been a nice touch! If you're wanting to do that for yours i think it'd be nice

It was mostly just family and friends - small informal get together - but it was fun. We had it at my sister's house. My family and friends each brought one of their favorite dishes and my mom suprised us with a cake
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
... I kind of don't see the point of an engagement party....
It's just a reason to have a party.
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