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This was pretty funny!!!!

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Last night I was driving down the hwy (main hwy here) it runs infront of
wal-mart, I decided to turn around and go to wal-mart, so I got in the turning lane, in the median, and I saw this black dog? I thought, and I said to myself, "That is a funny looking dog" and then I turned and went to wal-mart!
When I was leaving I pulled up to the exit where I am supposed to get on
that hwy. meanwhile, there was a dog in the parking lot, who had run out kinda beside me, so I was watching what he was doing when he started looking back and stopped, then took off running right out in the middle of the hwy. so I immediately turned to see what scared him off. and coming right up to my car, was a black baby calf!! I rolled down my passenger side window, and he stopped, he was looking around and I said to him, "what are you doing?" he looked at me and he let out the biggest mooo! so I grabbed the phone and called 911, I was trying to get it out , and she said they already knew about it, and about that time a cop came flying up and stopped infront of me, well the calf took off the opposite direction, down infront of wal-mart there is a pretty big ditch, the sides of the hill slope down probably 40 ft. and there is water like a creek running in the center. to make a long story short.... it looked just like a rodeo out there, that calf had the Atlanta PD
out of their cars and running all over!!! I was laughing and one of them said.
"Don't laugh!" I said , "I can't help it!" when I finally left the calf had crossed the hwy, and was last seen going into a neighborhood! what in the world
did they think they were going to catch it with, their bare hands!!! and after they caught it, what were they going to do with it then, put it in the squad
car? Sometimes you have to wonder!!!!!!!!!!! oh yeah, the one that told me not to laugh was the one that pulled up behind me on X-Mas eve day, whenever I was waiting on Runway to eat her food!!!! You probably had to be there to really appreciate it!! But I thought it was funny enough to tell ya'll!!!!!

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Shame you didn't get the whole thing on video I don't think I could have kept from laughing.. a very funny looking dog
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OMG Mo I would have just laughed also!! Thats so funny!! Something that would happen where I live! Where more cows are hit by cars than Deers!
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