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Strange new peeing habit

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My cat is an older cat and been litter trained since he was a kitten. But yesterday he came to the room I was in, backed up to the wall, lifted one of his back legs and his tail started shaking really badly (as did his leg). I panicked and thought something was wrong with him because he was shaking so much, but then he stopped, ran away really quick and I saw he had peed.

I brushed it off as a really weird one off thing, but tonight he came to the room I was in (a different room this time) and backed up to the wall and started doing it again. I clapped my hands and made a noise and he ran away.

Why is he doing this?!
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It is essential you call your vet and they will most likely recommend bringing him in. These type of sudden abnormal urination/defecation behaviors are usually due to illness, UTI being the primary concern. It does sound like he is experiencing discomfort..........
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OK, I'll call the vet soon then. Thanks!
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For your kitty and keep us in touch, especially if its not medical!
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lol yes I am not sure whether it would be better if it were medical or not! At least then I would understand better. Such strange behaviour.
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Is your cat neutered? Is he an indoor/outdoor cat, or strictly indoors? Do you know if there are any stray cats outside? He sprayed on two different walls --- are either of those walls along the perimeter of your house, or are they strictly inside?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, he could be marking his territory because he smells other cats on the outside and is trying to cover their scent with his.

Of course, as cheylink said, you must bring him to a vet to determine if there is a physical issue here.

Did you use an large amount of enzymatic cleaner to clean the areas where he urinated? If not, you are encouraging him to continue to treat those areas as his toilet.

You might also want to invest in some Feliway diffusers.
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It really seems that he's spraying. Even if neutered, they might spray.

If there's more than one cat in the house, there may have been some sort of cat disagreement and your boy is staking his territory. A new cat lurking outdoors is also the likely explanation (as noted above).

Spraying is annoying but not a medical emergency.
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That's definitely (normal) spraying behavior and I'd try to find out why he's doing it.
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Just yesterday I asked the vet about peeing and why cats do so if they are well trained to pee inside the litter box.

He told me that when a cat is peeing out side the litter box it is usually to mark his territory.

I think it's best if you consult your cat's vet.
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Yep, sounds like spraying...something upset him enough to make him feel insecure in his territory...does he go outside or can he see other cats from the window?
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Just yesterday my cat peed at 8 am then again at 8:30 .am He did the same thing today. It was a total of 9 oz each time. He did not pee for 24 hrs after the first 2 times. I did notice since the weather cooled he s eating more wet food. His pee has a strong odor so not dilute. He s on Prozac which does affect out put. Anyone ever experience this?
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