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What in the world

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I just came downstairs to get on the computer and heard Popsie let out this wretched meow then continue to howl. DH was sitting on the couch and could see Popsie at the top of the stairs. I said, "What is his deal?" DH said something must have scared him because his fur was poofed and he was staring at the banister leading down stairs. The only thing that I could think might have scared him was, at the time, I was stirring a bowl of oatmeal and the spoon was scraping the side of the bowl. What a goofy cat.
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In my efforts to make stir fry last night, I set the olive oil in the pan on fire. No big deal, just take it outside for a few minutes. But in the process, I set off all the smoke alarms in the house (at least I know they work!). I had two very scared cats.

And Sterling is just terrified if anyone puts anything that makes noise in the dryer. Put a pair of sneakers in there, and you won't see him until it's over.
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Maybe Popsie was seeing something that you couldn't? *insert eerie music here* Or maybe he had a bad oatmeal dream?

Nothing phases our cats. Even 130 km/hr (80 m/hr) winds... they sleep through everything!
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Isn't it weird when cats fur does that? They look so funny when their fur poofs out!
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