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chilli's rough play

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well, i have been suckered in yet again!
called in to the vet last week to book chilli in for check up and spotted the most adorable 12 week old baby who was abandoned.
he and his 3 siblings were put into a shoe box and left on the medium strip on the freeway! hmmmm!? 1 babe did'nt make it and when they were rescued they were covered in ants - cruel heartless PEOPLE!

he is completely black and has a touch of oriental (oh my those ears) we named him 'zeke'. very handsome young man!!

chilli loves him and is extremely interested but is way too rough!
zeke looks for him to play though often has to retreat under an item of furniture mr. bean can't get under.
no intentional harm is meant, but it is a bit scary for the wee 1.

have rewarded chilli with words and treats when he is gentle, any ideas?
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Congrats on your new family member, he sounds adorable! It's the adult kitty getting to rough? 12 weeks is young and after such a traumatic life so far, he is in the need of a bit of extra love and care till he feels safe and confident. I wouldn't reward Chilli as much as give him his individual play to help drain some energy. Definitely step in and deter aggressive play between them both for a while till they can play with out it escalating to the point of retreat..
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