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Eating out ideas

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We want to go out to eat, anyone have ideas of what sounds good?

Fast food is out. Red Lobster, Olive Garden, etc. are more what I am thinking as far as places to eat, but all types of food are great, Asian, Italian, Mexican, BBQ, American, just everything

Help please
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I like Red Lobster and Olive garden!! Any brewpubs in the area or Texas Roadhouse??

Chinese buffets too!!
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I don't know what's in your area. I tend to like one-of restaurants more than chains. I guess it depends on what your in the mood for
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I don't know the restaurants in your area, but I can suggest foods or themes.

Steak House
One of those restaurants where they cook at your table
Italian (for pasta, not pizza)
West Indian
Greek (yummm!)
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Hmmmm I love the Olive Garden or the best food ever.....which is CHINESE!!!!! Yummmmmmmm!!!!!!!!! I'm not sure what ones you have in the area though to suggest.
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My BF and I just stuffed ourselves with Middle-eastern (Arabic) food this evening. Hummus, pita bread, falafel, grape leaves, etc.! Mmmmmmmm!!!!
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I'd say skip the chain restaraunts and try a local privately owned restaraunt. It helps keep a small business going in these rough times.

Since moving out here, the local food is 10x better than the chain restaraunts
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Thanks so much for the suggestions. We went to somewhere we had never been before, not a chain.
Not a good choice this time, as it wasn't very good. But always nice to check out someplace new.
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