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Now, thats a first!

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Every morning, Kahu will wait for us to wake up - he will sit in the corner and watch us carefully, to see if we open our eyes and when we do, he is right on top of us, pawing us for his breakfast.

But the other day.....he didn't!

I woke up and I noticed he was still asleep on top of my foot - so I nudged his wee bottom and he woke up so fast and the look on his face was priceless. It was like "OMG, I slept in!" He really did look shocked.

It left me laughing for the rest of the day.
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That's great!
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That is so sweet!
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LOL! What a funny story! It is just priceless when they get taken by surprise!
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Its quite funny to watch him waiting for us to wake up - sometimes I pretend I am asleep and just peer at him and I can just see him looking at each of our faces to see if we wake up, and as soon as he sees my eyes are open, he is on top of me.

Gosh, I love that cat!
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What a sweetie
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How cute! Sammie doesn't wait. She decides I've been asleep long enough and she decides the way to awaken me is to get on top of me.
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that's great!
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Butzie's my alarm clock, too. Thud! Meow!
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that's priceless! I bet tomorrow morning he'll make sure to wake you up righto n time witha look that says 'see? No more sleeping in for me!!"
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Thats right - he made up for lost time and still wakes us up early.
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haha! Chynna does that sometimes too.
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