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entertaining a new kitten

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i've just adopted an aby kitten, and while i've always cared for animals it's been a long time since i've had a kitten. i'm really interested in making sure that i give him the best quality of life that i can and would like to hear any thoughts out there on how to keep him entertained. i've done my homework and know this breed is very active, and while my home life is also active he will (for the moment) be living in a one cat household. i'd love to hear suggestions on how to keep him active and happy.
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Hi and Welcome to TCS -- I bet your kitten is adorable. Alot of people recommend a toy called Da Bird. I haven't gotten one yet but they look pretty good.
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Hi, at the risk of boring everyone for the nth time, one of the all time best toys is a 1/2", 4' long cord with knots at either end, wiggled and dragged under a page of newspaper (preferably older and softened :-), or blanket, which cats cannot resist pouncing on, for hours. Plus 1" or smaller little balls (cigarette foil is the favorite, but little rubber ones from pet stores are good too) rolled for them to chase - get lots, they always end up under furniture). Cat trees are terrific, relatively tall with at least one decent perch. If your kitty is really little (< 3-4 mos) then everything within reach will be a toy, including microscopic stuff on the floor and wall shadows, so nail down or move anything you don't want knocked over and double check for anything at all that could remotely be dangerous. You can buy laser wands at pet stores (like flashlites) and your cat will chase the light as you wriggle it around the room, for hours. Of course another cat friend (resident) is wonderful too, especially if you go to work all day. Two or three meals a day (1/2 canned and 1/2 kibble) is maintenance for an adult, but 5-6 daily for kittens to age 3-4 mos. Don't bother about a cat bed - they sleep all over, and will change places every few wks or months, as long as you do have a variety of soft places. Have fun!
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Welcome to TCS! How old is he and how has he come into your life? True some breeds may follow general characteristics, but in general, kittens need, crave, thrive from lots of interaction and attention! A lot depends on the age as to what toys he may be more responsive to, although the home made toys have always had the best results in my experience! There is nothing wrong with a one kitty home, this is what I have found to be the best for me and mine. When you have a kitten past 4 months, it is best to wait till they are 1 year old if introducing another. 4-6 months is when they develop territorial instincts and hormonal development.
It sounds to me that you have given your new friend a loving home. Just be sure to give a couple hours of interactive playtime everyday to avoid unwanted behavior. Experiment with different toys, the bird, fur mice, foil balls, and be sure to allow only safe things.
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Before buying a ton of toys, I would see if you could figure out what he likes. Some cats like the feathery toys, other prefer strings. I've bought probably 30-40 different cat toys and Moses only likes about 10 of them.

And I know that I recommend this to everyone who asks...but I think this is the best $15 I've ever spent.
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It has been said that the most common and popular cat toy in America is the ring off the top of the milk bottle. A soda bottle cap comes in a close second.

The knotted string under a piece of paper is, indeed, a real cat attractor. This is the "mouse in a pile of leaves" instinct, to use the scientific name! I increase the attraction by cutting a round hole in the middle of the paper, so the kitten can see the string disappear again.

Of course, one thing you want to be sure he can NOT play with is electrical cords.
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Kittens love to play and you can toss them a piece of crumpled paper and they'll have lots of fun! My kitten, 5 month old Lucy Belle, is very active and seems to want to play all the time. I make sure that I set aside at least 15 mins of playtime, twice daily.

The milk jug ring is definitely one of the best toy you can give to your new kitten. Also, like many have said, they do have preferences, so just get a few toys handy, feathers, teasers, balls (mylar balls are a favorite) and plastic straws. See what attracts your kitten most.

Good Luck and thank you for adopting the kitty. By giving her a loving home, you will be receive her unconditional loves a million times over.
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Just one reminder - don't leave real 'string', thread or elastics around as all it takes is two seconds for them to be swallowed, and then entangled in intestines. The cats cannot regurgitate them even when they want to (having gotten half down to begin with) as the barbs on their tongues point backward.
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Originally Posted by Ashley45 View Post
Before buying a ton of toys, I would see if you could figure out what he likes. Some cats like the feathery toys, other prefer strings. I've bought probably 30-40 different cat toys and Moses only likes about 10 of them.

And I know that I recommend this to everyone who asks...but I think this is the best $15 I've ever spent.
What a GREAT toy for a kitten!!!!

Also - PAPER shopping bags not plastic/ And cardboard boxes... that they can climb in and out of... jump on... even take a little saw and open some flaps... dangle toys through them... to tease kitty.
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And you can save your money that you might spend on "cat tunnels," etc. Just cut holes in a cardboard box.
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thanks all for the suggestions.
i received my new little guy from a pure breed rescue, and he's about 6 months.
i'm actually reusing and reinvigorating some old toys that belonged to my last cat companion. i've already discovered that he likes feathers rather than raffia or any other toy with a bell. also, because he's coming from a high cat concentrated house i think he's not that used to interacting with humans as playmates. so, we're both learning!
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It may take a little time for him to feel completely comfortable and open. One thing that really works, some think its crazy, is talking to them! Every thing you do, all the time, when you wake up, fold laundry, whatever you are doing, talk to him. This really helps the bonding between you and he will respond in his own way.
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cheylink : I talk to my kitty all the time! And I don't think it's crazy at all. I used to when I don't have a cat but now I realized how much better a listener she is!
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With my new kitten Noah I started taking a warm, wet paper towel and "grooming" him after he eats. (I got this idea after hearing about how animals bond to thier mothers...) He now thinks I'm his momma and is super cuddly and friendly.
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As a kitten mine loved paper shopping bags (with the handles cut off!) and chasing ice cubes around the kitchen. Still does.
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