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Squinting in one eye - should I have it checked?

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Tomorrow morning I am taking Bailey in for her follow-up check up after her spay surgery.

I have noticed that she kind of squints in one eye, not all the time, but once in a while. Is there anything I should ask the vet about wrt this while I have her there?
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Might as well. She might have gotten any numerous thing in her eye that is irratating her from time to time, even though it might be something harmless that will go away, just like when we get an eyelash in there.

But it could be something more serious like an infection forming, or perhaps she was strached in the eye by another cat, or object?
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When I had Nakita spayed, I had to give her eye cream when she came home. The anaesthetic prevented her from naturally closing her eyes and therefore the cream was to relubricate them and prevent any further problems.

You might want to check that out with the vet since she was just spayed.
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I'm sure this isn't your cat's problem but we had a cat who was squinting in one eye on a frequent basis. We took him ot a veterinary opthamologist and it turned out to be "dry eye", believe it or not. We used artificial tears in that eye for the rest of his life.
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The vet looked, couldn't see anything wrong, thought the tear duct looked fine. If she keeps it up, we'll do a stain to see if the cornea is scratched. She did this before the surgery, so the vet thinks it may just be something that she does.
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Our Enya has been having one eye or the other bothering her since she and Blaze have been together all the time. I took her to the vet the first time to check for a scratch, but there wasn't one and the day I took her in it was doing much better, so my vet just said to keep on doing what I was doing since it was working. Each week since that first time she has had a problem. My vet figured she probably bumped it, which is very likely the way these 2 play so rough. I make up a saline and eyebright solution and put a few drops in the affected eye a couple of times a day. She hates it, but usually after one day her eye is much better. Her eyes extend out beyond the sockets, so it's easy for them to get bumped when they play. Blazes eyes are set in more and so far he hasn't had any problems. Enya never had any problems with her eyes until we had him. They were always clear with no discharge.
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Our kitten was squinting in her left eye and it turned-out to be conjunctivitis. The Vet. gave us some creme to put into her eye twice a day and he said it 'could' take the whole tube of creme to clear-up the problem. Hope this helps... good luck!
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