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Transporting thru states(please read!)

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We will be moving our cats to texas soon and we were wondering if border patrol or somebody would ask to see proof of vaccinations,etc.?

We can't find anything online and want to be prepared for whatever we may come across. What are the 'rules' of transporting cats across states?

and does someone ACTUALLY stop you to check?
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If you are staying in the US, you should have no problems. I would make sure they are up to date on their vaccinations, particularly rabies, and have that information on you while traveling. You will need that more once you are settled and have contacted a new veterinarian. Some states require rabies vaccines.
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I've moved my furbabies between 4 states and have never been stopped once. One move was from Illinois to Texas. I wouldn't worry about being stopped, but I would do a vet check before you move to make sure they are healthy for the travel. You're going a long way.
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I moved from Washington to Maine and didnt get pulled over. All my cats and dogs were up to date on rabies though. There arent checkpoints at the state borders so you really shouldnt have a problem, good luck!
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When driving pets in the lower 48 states in your own car you do not need to worry about things like this. Citizens are free to move freely, there are signs welcoming you to each state and that say you are leaving the other state, no border patrol or anything like like. There are weight checks for huge commerical trucks also known as semi-trucks. The huge guys.
I have moved my animals in the US lots by car, no big deal.

It is only when flying, or if you went through the border of Mexico or Canada, then some documentation might need to be provided. Have a safe trip!
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Cali is the only state with border stops, and they don't care about dogs/cats, only birds, exotics, fruits/veggies and plants.
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If you are travelling between the 48 states (not Hawaii) you don't need anything. If you are talking about between the US and Mexico or Canada, then you would need shot records, etc.

People show cats all the time between the states and you don't need anything
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I have traveled in all 48 states with a cat in the truck, and no one has ever done anything more than say, "Pretty cat!"
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We bring our cats every where with us. The only time you will be stopped is if you're flying, or crossing international lines. Since you will be driving so far with your cat though, I would recommend bringing them for short car rides before then just to get used to it.
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