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My "Bella" is having kitties.

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Hello everyone...I just found this site and I have found it very imformative. Here is my story. Mid December my tenants abandoned this beautiful precious little kitty. I couldn't understand why they would leave it behind..she is the sweetest most gentle kitty. I brought it home to try and find a new home for her. We all quickly fell in love with her and although my husband was saying "no" to keeping her I knew just a few more weeks of her temporarily living with us....he would change his mind....and he did. She has found her forever home with us. To make a long story short Bella was living her life as an indoor/outdoor kitty. I went to pick her up one day and wow...I felt nipples...I never noticed this before on her. So I started doing some research...and yes her nipples were pink. I quickly made an appointment with the vet and after an ultrasound she confirmed little Bella is pregnant...she saw at least 3 kitties. Unfortunately we do not know her past vaccination record...but the great news is she tested negative to FIV and one other test. She thought Bella had about 4 weeks left to go and that was almost two weeks ago. She said keep her strictly indoors until the kittens are weaned and at that point...we will have her spayed and begin her vaccinations. I am so excited and nervous at the same time. I have never had kittens before.....3 kids but not kittens. I have been reading and reading trying to learn everything I will need to know about kitten care. I am so lucky to have found such a great supporting vet. We also had her microchipped so she will never be leftt without her family again. I look forward to reading your stories and learning as much as I can....before "Bella's babies arrive.
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Thank you for your kindness. And good luck with the kittens. One thing - be sure to keep them till about 10-12 weeks old minimum. The kittens need special time with mom/sibliings to be healthy, well-adjusted kittens before leaving home. Its more then learning to eat and use the litter box. The social and emotional skills learned in the first 12 weeks are very important
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Thank you for saving this kitty . And how exciting! Keep us posted on her progress. Do you have a picture of her?

And I'm getting really angry at people who just abandon their cats What is wrong with these people??

But thanks for taking her in and taking care of her.
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Awww, thank you for taking her in and giving her a forever home!!

Honestly, you shouldn't have to do alot for the kittens. As she gets closer to the time to deliver I would recommend making a place for her in a safe area of the home. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. I "adopted" a few strays in the past that were pregnant and normally used a low sided card board box..low enough for mom to jump out, but high enough the kittens could crawl out for the first few weeks. Wait until it is almost time for her, and put it in a quiet room with a litter box and food/water. You may also want to include an old t-shirt you have worn and haven't washed to let her know that is her place. Now, there's no guarantee she will have them there, but it does help. If you don't supply a birthing place, she is likely to have them in your bed, your laundry basket, a dresser drawer, etc. Make sure there are old towels in the box that can be thrown away afterwards.

Most cats want to be left alone during the birth, but I had one cat I took in that wanted me there. I knew she was in labor so put her in her box but she came running to me in the next room, crying, so I sat beside her. Turns out one of her kittens was breech so I had to help her by gently pulling it out.

Once they are out, there isn't much you need to do as long as the mother can nurse. The fun part is when they start exploring! I suggest having a closed, safe, room for the kittens, but let the mom out because she does need a break. She will know when to go back to the kittens. Sometimes I think cats are better moms than some humans.

Good luck, and take LOTS of pics!! We're suckers for kittens!!!
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I am adding your kitty to our Kitten Watch thread. Please keep us updated on her!!
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I haven't had experience with pregnant cats only mice. Hopefully she will take excellent care of her babies & you won't have to do much except look after momma. Give her a good diet, I think they need kitten food.
I hand raised Blossom, when my son found her dimped at 3 weeks old. I already had kitten replacement powder in the cupboard because earlier in the year I hand raised baby mice.
It was tiring looking after the night feeds & everything else that had to be done, but in a short time she was on kitten food & very much part of the family.
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Thanks for the advice everyone. I have already set up a large portion of our laundry room for her birthing suite!! I have a play yard I plan on using once the kittens get a little older to keep them contained in one area. I have started her on premium kitten food...I started adding it to her regular dry food and just slowly started using all kitten food. Once I figure out how to download a picture I will post a picture of our beautiful Bella. I am just hoping and praying all goes well and we will have a beautiful healthy litter. From what the vet said she is between 1 and 2 years old. I am so excited...I believe about 2 weeks to go and I will be on kitten watch.
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Thats so exciting! Congratulations!! Please keep us informed on how everything is going for you!!
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My Bella has become so affectionate...following me around the house everywhere....snuggling her cheek into mine and she is a total lap cat now. I think I felt the babies move today. I just love my Bella so much!!! To be honest before we found each other I really wasn't to much of a cat quickly that has changed. This is my very first time ever having a pregnant cat. Two weeks ago the vet said during the ultrasound about 4 weeks to if I am now starting to feel the kittens moving I am thinking about 2 weeks left, is that about right?
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Yes from what I know that is correct, I started feeling Dill's babies move on the 19th of february and she is due ne second now....then again Dill is having ALOT of babies, now is prolly the time you should switch her to kitten food( from what i have learned here) and start getting her used to the area you would like her to have her kittens, such as setting up a birthing box for her. Some will tell you to confine her when she is close to a room unless she is supervised, and that may be a good idea if there are any small areas you dont want her to get into( dill likes to try and get into dresser drawers and into my attic) Most of what I know I have gotten from the very wonderful people on this site, if there is anything to add to what I have said I am sure someone will be along shortly to let you know, good luck and keep us posted....
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Yep, that's pretty accurate. I always started feeling the babies move 10 days to two weeks before delivery. But as we have all learned, these mommas will deliver only when they're ready and not before!
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Originally Posted by bnwalker2 View Post
Yep, that's pretty accurate. I always started feeling the babies move 10 days to two weeks before delivery. But as we have all learned, these mommas will deliver only when they're ready and not before!
Like Dill...LMAO....this cat is killing
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Hopefully this will is a picture of my Bella.
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is it just me i cant see the pic :-(
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I can't seem to figure out how to post a picture!! I'll try again when I get back home.
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Any updates on your kitty?
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Originally Posted by chele721 View Post
I can't seem to figure out how to post a picture!! I'll try again when I get back home.
what i do - create a free account at photobucket, & upload your pix there. then, copy the link that begins w/ [ IMG] & post that link here. voila, a pic appears as if by magic!
[p.s. - make sure the pix are resized - use the message boards size, it's just right!]
looking forward to seeing beautiful Bella!
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I finally learned how to post a picture...this was taken about 2 weeks ago...I will have to post a more recent one. Bella I think is getting very close...she is spending alot of time in her birthing box. She is sleeping most of the days. I can feel the kittens move..but I cannot visually see them moving yet. The vet said about 4 weeks and that was 3 1/2 weeks ago... she said it could be a little sooner or a little later. Bella has become very affectionate and when she is out walking around a little she follows me everywhere. I am so anxious...I can't wait for these kittens to arrive. I hope and pray for a safe and healthy delivery.
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Beautiful girl! Sending lots of vibes for a safe and healthy delivery!
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What a gorgeous darling she is! Hopefully she'll have some lovely kittens soon!
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Awww, pretty Bella.
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Oh my gosh, I can actually see the kittens moving now...It looks like there is some sort of party going on in there. I started noticing on friday night some movement...must husband said I was crazy and that it was her heartbeat. lol It also looks as if she has dropped a doesn't quite look like she swallowed a football now. She seems to be carrying more in her stomache now. Tomorrow will be 4 weeks since she was at the vet and she determined Bella had about 4 weeks to go. Ok, do you think we are close? It kinda looks like her nipples are a little fuller...but it is hard to tell...since she won't let me touch her stomache. I just want to stay with her every second...I don't want to miss a thing. I am so nervous that something will go wrong....I guess I have done to much reading. I went out a bought a scale so I can measure their weights when they arrive. Can someone please let me know what else I will need to have on hand in case there are any problems. I just want to be more than prepared.
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