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Hectic week!!

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Well, last Sun, I was asked to pick up an unneutered tom, get him done and then make arrangements to get him over to the rescue - I decided to let him stay here for a few weeks!! He is a fluffy (I don't think fluffy enough to be called semi-longhaired) pure black male, who was called Swiggy, but we changed that to Frankie, as I didn't like Swiggy. I whizzed over after work for him, and he was booked into be neutered on Tues. he only had one descended testicle though, so had to have a more invasive op on Tues, bless him. He has been such a good boy though, he hasn't had to have a cone, and puts up with me holding him like a baby a couple of times a day to check he hasnt' done any damage.

I am also trying to catch a cat at work, who has been named Houdini as he likes to hide from me. He is being well fed, and has shelter, so the aim is to just catch him, get him checked over and neutered if needs be, then release him until we have time to do somethign more with him. So I have just been going to where he spends most of his time in my lunch breaks with treats.

I also got an e-mail on Thurs from someone who adopted their two cats from me last year, they are doing well, but she had a favour - her partners brother had acquired two kittens without much thought, and they were more work than first thought, so were struggling with them, and could we help, as another rescue wanted a large donation, so they felt their only option was to dump them. We obviously said yes, I rang the bloke who owned them to find out they were actually around 10 months old and unneutered (thank god he didn't dump them), I went to pick them up on my day off yesterday, and I had been told they were female. So was rather surprised when one turned its back on me and it had a suspiciously large pair of nuts. Didn't say anything till I had got them home and checked though, as my second thought was 'hope they are both the same sex'. Fortunately both are males, and they are going to be booked in for asap next week. They have also had a name change, as they were CEfur (white and black) and Tibby (tabby and white) they are now Guiness (white and black) and Bailey (tabby and white).

I have had a phone call today for Frankie, so hopefully he can go to a new home next weekend. Lets hope next week is a bit quieter!! Pics will be posted when the camera batteries are charged.
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Does anybody ever ask your what you do in your "free time"? What a busy week! It's lucky both kittens are males, as otherwise one would certainly be pregnant by this time.
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not often - this week, I get to write lots of letters on behalf of the charity. I Would be bored otherwise you know. I hope next week is better, although I still have to catch the cat at work. I am glad they are both the same sex, although smell wise, I would have preferred two females!!
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My goodness! I was exhausted just reading about your week. I feel like taking a nap now.
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:-) To make it worse, it has been mega hectic at work, and I think I have put in an extra 2 and a half hours there!! And not sleeping well, no wonder I am shattered by 8 in the evening!!
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It sure was hectic.. I hope that everything goes well for all the kitties
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What a week you had, but I'm sure the cats and the people who adopt them are greatful for your sacrifice. Continue your great work, but hopefully it will not be as needed this week.
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Photobucket doesn't seem to be working, so cant' post pics. I hope the cats are grateful, although I have acquired 14 scratches this week between 3 of them!! Hopefully next week will just be paperwork and a cat viewing, although it would be fab if I could get more than one homed in a week. I also sent my mammary cancer article to our HQ and they are going to feature it in our newsletter, which is nationwide, so that was a nice thing, and I got a very nice compliment.
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Originally Posted by butzie View Post
My goodness! I was exhausted just reading about your week. I feel like taking a nap now.
yeh, i felt the same
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Unsurprisingly, I had a lie in this morning!!
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Well, another hectic day tomorrow. No luck in catching cat at work, weather has been awful, so have had a weeks break from that. I had someone viewing a cat on Tues, they were here for 2 hours, and are comign back tomorrow to pick him up. We have someone interested in fostering for us, and I have been roped into going to the rescue to see them, i wasn't planning on going back, I was only there last week!! Then have to dash back as I have someone looking at another of my cats at teatime!!

Then, on Wed, I should be getting a 15yo dropped off - although I might have to take her to the rescue on Sun when i go to do some fundraising, as she isn't litter trained, and it might be quicker to do that there than at mine. If i do, I will have to come home with something!!

On the plus side, it does mean I am homing 2 cats tomorrow, which is good, and it means i can help this 15yo, although doesn't give me space for another 2 as Moses hates other cats and doesn't want to be integrated!!
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Well, Rosie is here now, she is a sweet little thing, but acts and looks like an elderly cat, so hopefully that wont put people off. I have to try and get her used to using a tray before I can rehome her though, but she is quite content in the bathroom as she has a bed in front of the radiator!! Despite her owners telling me she rarely eats dry food, she wolfed all that last night and only picked at the wet!! Pics will come when I have time to upload them!!
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