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Sounds like she's making a good recovery! That's so sweet curling up on the bed nose to nose with you She loves her mama
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Just wanted to check in on how Chynna is doing! How's the recovery going?
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She's doing well. Her mouth must be healing well because I catch her eating Abby's dry food occasionally.

She had almost a full tin of Friskie's Salmon Pate today. She's just being picky. I have several different kinds of food open in my fridge for her, but she puts her nose up at each one after a few nibbles. So the fact that she ate the Salmon Pate after I put 1 tablespoon of tuna juice on it, tells me that she's just being a food snob!

She's still miss cuddle bug!

I take her in at the end of the month for a follow up, but I don't anticipate any problems with that.
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I'm happy to hear that Chynna is doing so well.
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Glad she is still doing well - I have had toothless cats happily eat dry, so wouldnt worry too much when you catch her eating it.
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Just another update on Chynna. She continues to improve. All of the swelling to her face is gone now and she looks as cute as ever. She's using the litter box well. No further diarrhea and no throw ups.

I'm still having a hard time finding a food that she will sit and eat until her plate is clean. She sure doesn't like that k/d Feline stuff though. So far Friskies Seafood Supreme or the Salmon Pate are the clear winners. Basically I've been giving her anything she wants that she will eat. I'm trying to get some weight back on her.

But she's looking bright, and is such a cuddle bug!! And she's had the odd kitten moment too

Today I went to the gym and came home around noon. I opened the door to see Chynna running towards me wanting some cuddles. I picked her up and gave her some hugs and she gave me some extra nose kisses!
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Just checking to see how Princess Chynna was doing. Give her some special loving from us at our house.
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Hooray for Chynna! She must be so pleased to be feeling good again!
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How about trying some kitten food? More calories Mine always seem to go for what they are not suppose to have. Just a thought. Awesome progress for chynna.
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Another update on my little princess

I've managed to find a food that she has been eating...thus far. At least for 2 whole days!

Friskies Beef Pate mixed with 2 tablespoons of warm water so that it's extra mushy and moist.

She tends to lick now instead of biting and chewing, so when it's extra moist she is able to lick it easier. But she won't eat pureed which would be even easier for her.

I have no idea of the phosphorus content of Friskies Beef Pate. I can't seem to see it on the label, and I didn't see it in google. But if that is what she wants to eat, that's what she is going to get. I'll have to ask the vet next week about a phosphorus binder to compensate for the higher phosphorus in the food.

She tends to eat best in her favourite sleeping couch and my bed! So that is where I've been taking a plate of food every few hours and sticking it under her nose

Since yesterday at noon, that's about 36 hours, she's had a bit more than 1 1/2 tins of Friskies. I'd like to see her eat at least a tin per day, maybe more. But I'm happy with what she is eating at the moment. I'm hoping that she will have put on some weight by the time she sees the vet next week.
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I am glad you have found a food she will eat. One of my fosters has CRF, but struggles with the renal food, so I have decided to just give her what she wants, and I am not bothering too much about the phosphorus content or anything, as it is more important she eats.
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I am so sorry and will send lots of good vibes. I am not a wealthy person and just got one of my cats back from a 2 day stay, blood work, medicine, etc. It was $300 that I didnt really have. At least your vet was willing to take payments. I am told my cat has FIP (which I understand may not be true) but either way I am trying to put at few dollars away each check b/c I am sure he is going to have further treatements, plus I have 2 more that will need regular well care visits.
Hope tests come back with good news.
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One thing I have just noticed on your previous message - apparently, manufacturers dont put phosphorus on the label, you have to contact them to get it. Alternatively, there is a list on
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It seems Miss Chynna want's to take her meals in bed
I'm so happy that you've found something that she'll eat.
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Tomorrow I take Chynna to the vet for a follow up to her dental surgery.

She's been eating pretty well. A little more than 3/4 of a tin of Friskies beef pate per day. Now that I know the secret to getting her to eat it (add a bit of water to it to make it more juicy), I'm going to try a couple more flavours because she seems bored with the beef one. I'm also going to try a couple flavours of Fancy Feast pate style.

Since I can't get her to eat the kidney diet food I'm going to ask about the phosphorous binding stuff that can be added to her food.

I know it hasn't been that long since she's started eating again (3 weeks), but she feels heavier to me. I don't know if that is just wishful thinking, or if my baby girl has been putting on some weight! But I hope it's the latter.

Can I have some vibes that her mouth is healing well and that she has put on some much needed weight?
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Sending and Prayers that Chynna's mouth is healing just fine and that she starts eating like a little piggy so she can put some pounds back on!
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Good luck for your vet visit.
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Chynna had her follow up today.

Her mouth is healing very well. Her gums look great.

So far as her weight goes, she hasn't gained but she's maintained her last weight from the end of March which is 4.88 kg or 10.7 pounds, so the vet is happy about that. I was sure she felt heavier. The scale was a different one and actually weighed her in at 4.78 kg, so it's entirely possible that it's weighing low. She really does feel heavier to me. My homecare lady held her today and said that she even thought that she felt heavier.

I talked about her diet and the fact that she won't eat the k/d Feline food (either consistency). They had 2 other options of foods available. One is chunks with gravy, which I know Chynna won't eat because she chews her food and tends to lick up the gravy, and leave the chunks. And then there is something called "medi cal" I think. It's a reduced protein food.

I brought one tin home with me to try.

If that doesn't work the vet said to just keep giving her what I have been because it's more important that she eat. She didn't know what "percentage" equated a low phosphorus diet, so based on things I've been told here and what I've read at links given to me, I'm going to try and keep to foods that have a phosphorus content of .7 or lower. I bought a variety of foods yesterday for her to try. She really loves the Fancy Feast sole, cod and shrimp pate flavour. So much so that she licked the plate clean!

My problem is that she doesn't much care for chicken or beef flavoured foods and tends to go more for the fishy kinds.

I asked about phosphorus binders, but Chynna's levels are no where near requiring a binder and just giving it because the food is not low phosphorus wouldn't make any difference. So that's out of the picture for now.

haha, she's sitting at the door meowing! I sat outside with her in the carrier for a while when I got home. She loved the breeze and sunshine. She's meowing to go out now! I think I created a little monster.
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Glad to hear that Chynna is doing better :-) and sounds like you did create a little monster...
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Aww, glad that the vet is happy with her, and good luck with the food.
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I hope she is alright the poor thing :\\
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:vi bes:
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Thanks She's doing just peachy now. She's back to eating, but I made the mistake of offering her too many choices that she has become finicky and won't eat until she is thoroughly sure that there isn't something else coming along

I'm pushing food on her left, right and centre. I take her a plate of food and give it to her when she's in bed or on the couch or on my desk. And I add a couple tablespoons of water to make it more moist, plus to ensure that she is getting adequate hydration. She does drink, but it never hurts to give a little extra to make sure she stays hydrated.

If she doesn't have the full serving in one sitting, I give it to her a bit later with more water mixed into it, and she eventually gets a whole tuna-size can of cat food in a day...even if it takes all day to get it into her! I've found that she likes the small cans of Fancy Feast pate, or one called "Priority" which is the Safeway brand the best. But I'm hoping she will eat more of the Friskies because it's so much cheaper than the small cans of Fancy Feast. I can get 4 meals out of 2 cans of Friskies, but only 2 meals out of 2 cans of Fancy Feast, and the price is the same!
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My mom's cat is a Fancy Feast eater--she's also about 15.5, and she gets whatever she demands, foodwise. I find myself always watching for sales--the Petcos in my area have them on sale right now, as do the Targets. Also, you might look for the cases as they can some times be a better deal. Or you could try mixing the foods together. If you have a Trader Joe's near you, they have the 5.5 ounce cans for about 60-70 cents, and their food is strong smelling so many cats find it appealing.
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