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Please.... I need vibes for Chynna

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My old girl is sick

She threw up about 5 or 6 times last evening, the last looked like water she had drank shortly before. And she had 2 bouts of diarrhea in the litter box too.

I was hoping it was just the fact that I had given her her own portion of Fancy Feast and it didn't agree with her. But last night her ears, nose and rims of her eyes were pinker than normal, and she felt a bit warm. And she "looked" sick to look at her face. Plus while she slept on my pillow she wasn't cuddly like she normally is. In fact she only wanted to sleep on my pillow and not be "loved" on.

This morning I saw that she peed in the litter box, hasn't thrown up that I can see, but she's still "pink" and feeling warm and lethargic. She is usually begging for food and out of bed as soon as I move. But not today. She stayed on the pillow for about 10 minutes and hasn't bugged me for food yet. And she has gone off to the cupboard to sleep.

I called the vet but they don't have an opening, but has told me that I can go there and sit and wait to see if there is time to fit her in. I hope so

Please, can I have some strong TSC vibes for her? She's 15 years old (16 in May) and I know my time with her is limited, but I just hope I get longer than today to love on her!
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Sending many many vibes for Chynna. Feel better soon baby girl
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Oh I am so sorry. Praying she is fine!
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Sending good vibes that she will be O.K.
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As an owner of a senior myself I can sympathize with you. Perhaps some plain boiled chicken breast for food as that is pretty bland.
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For Chynna...Hope she gets better soon.

And for you.
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Poor Chynna! Lucky face gets pink when he is sick. I hope everything is ok with her.
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Aaaw poor baby coming her way
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(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Praying so strong for Chyna...
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Sending positive, healthy vibes your way...
Keep us posted!
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Sending lots of vibes for Chynna!
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I left for there right after I posted because they had told me that they had a few others that were coming in to sit and wait. So I wanted to be first there.

I only waited about 10 minutes before a tech came to examine her, and then maybe 15 minutes longer for the doctor to have a look.

Her temperature is slightly elevated....though she didn't tell me what it was.But she said it wasn't really high, just slightly. Her heart rate was 240 bpm which is very fast, but could have been the result of being a bit stressed about being there.

The doctor came in and checked her out. She does have a number of cavities, but no inflamed gums. He felt her abdomen and didn't feel any masses and doesn't think she's obstructed.

I've left her there for the afternoon so that they can do a complete blood panel on her including a thyroid test.

He said the possibilities for a senior cat's illness are nearly endless. Diabetes, renal failure, hyperthyroidism were the ones he was primarily concerned about. He said that based on my description of her activities that it doesn't sound like she has been sick "long term" so it could even be something as simple as an acute case of gastroenteritis that caused her to have diarrhea and throw up.

The blood work and exam are over $355.00! I told him that I know she needs the blood work but there is no way I can pay $355.00 all at once because I am on a fixed disability income and am literally using my grocery money to cover the vet visit and in fact cancelled a trip to Safeway to go there. I told him that I could pay $200.00 today and asked if we could work out a payment plan for the rest plus whatever treatment she needs. He is agreeable to that.

Chynna is still at the vets and I'll be picking her back up before 4pm to bring her home and I'll know more then.

Please keep those TCS vibes coming!!!

I came home and Abby was sitting on the deep freezer waiting for me. I think she misses Chynna and has been looking for her. The deep freezer was where I had the cat carrier with Chynna in it before I took her to the Vets.
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Adding my vibes in for Chynna.
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Vibes for Chynna
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You and your sweet Chynna are both in my prayers.
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sending many many for Chynna and some for you too!
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Sending vibes.
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Thanks everyone! Abby knows something is wrong and has been cuddling me ever since I got home.
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for Chynna
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I hope she gets better so you can have many more happy days with her!!!!!!
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Fingers crossed for her. your time isn't necessarily limited cos she is 15, I know of a 22yo!!
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for you both
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And more
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Sending lots and lots of vibes
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I haven't heard anything yet I'm so worried
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hey, maybe no news is good news...
& headed your way!
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I've been beside myself with worry to the point I felt like I was going to vomit because of the knots inside my stomach. I had to call them!

I spoke to the doctor and here is what he said, in point form:

1. No diabetes
2. No liver disease
3. No tumors/obstruction
4. No infections
5. No parasites

However she does have "Stage 2 Chronic Kidney Insufficiency". She's not in renal failure but her urine is a bit more dilute than it should be. She also has protein in her urine which could be indicative of high blood pressure. So they are going to do a blood pressure analysis on her and also send away some of her urine to the same lab that does the thyroid test.

So they won't have the results of the urine protein amount, or the thyroid levels for a few more days.

I asked if she should be on a kidney diet and he said that it isn't necessary. But if her blood pressure is high then I will have to give her a blood pressure pill daily. I can do that!!

I forgot to ask him about the diarrhea and vomiting.

I'm going to go and pick up my baby now. I miss her so much and she was only away from home for a few hours!

I am paying $200.00 now and then his office manager will call me on Monday and we'll work out a payment schedule. They are so nice there

So keep those vibes up! She's not out of the woods yet, but it's looking pretty good so far. In fact a whole lot better than I was expecting. I thought she might be diabetic and be in renal failure. She's neither so that' a huge plus!

I looked up on line and she is almost 81 human years old.
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More vibes for Chynna fvvc (the latter is a message from Jamie, presumably to Chynna). Hearing that the vet didn't find anything too serious must have been a wonderful birthday gift to you.
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I just got home and I have my baby with me too!

Apparently she has really high blood pressure. 200 over something or other. He gave me a prescription for Amlodipine. I have to give her 12.5 mg every day. Plus he gave her an injection of Ranitidine for the nausea and a bottle in pill form. He said to try and just give her fluids until tomorrow morning and if she doesn't throw up between now and then, to give her a pill and wait 30 minutes and give her a teaspoon of wet food and see how she does.

They said that she is the best behaved kitty that they've ever had come in. She sure was loving all of the attention she was getting there! She was purring up a storm, resting her head on people's arms and making biscuits on everyone. Even when the girl was doing her blood pressure and sticking her with a needle.

They should have the results of the thyroid and urine protein on Tuesday.

The plan is to get her blood pressure stabalized and her feeling better. And in a few months start her on a kidney diet and then have one or two of her teeth taken care of.

But he said that the blood pressure medication should help her feel a whole lot better.

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