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Thursday DT

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Hi, all. I have a job interview, this morning and one of the leads, that I got yesterday, is right next door so I'm going to apply there. I did two online apps, too. Hopefully, something will turn up.

Rowdy has been a total brat, this morning. I had to kick her and Opie out of bed, at 4. Bill has to get up, that early - not me! Opie has gone back to bed but Rowdy is on a rampage. She fell off of the monitor, onto the keyboard, insisted that she was starving to death and climbed onto my shoulder, to play with my hair. When I put some food down, she took one bite and ran off, to play.

We're off to WalMart, when Bill gets home - the dogs need food. While I'm there, I'm going to pick up a gift card for Mark - his birthday is the 21st.

Have a good one.
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Nothing new here same old cold outside,And I have to go buy food or we are not going to eat today!Not that I could't afford to lose a couple of pounds!I think I will buy stuff to make soups,when it's cold I love home made soup,I made pototo & carrot soup yeseday.Was so good.Maybe chicken & rice. Have a good day everyone!
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Good luck on the interview!

It is icky outside. That's the best word for it. It is rainy and chilly, supposed to mix with some snow and ice later on. This is one of the days when I appreciate more than ever that I work from home! I had heard the forecast yesterday, so I got my food shopping done last night. So here I am in sweats, coffee cup in hand, trying to convince myself that it is time to do some work...when all the cats want me to do is come back to bed where it is nice and warm.
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The baby sitter is here so I'm working on tomorrow's lesson for the cat behavior course (ok, ok, I'm posting here first - sshhhh! don't tell!)

The sun is out now (it's the afternoon) but it's been partly clouded with occasional showers throughout the day. But for now I can enjoy the view from my window - several kitties playing in the clean washed grass and basking in the sun

Good luck with the interview Kat!

Sherral - they said the rain will come back later tonight - sure could use some soup here myself :tounge2: I think you just inspired me to make some

Have a great day everyone! :daisy:
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Good luck with the interview!

I am at work, looking out the window at the copious amounts of snow falling form the sky. Again. I am so sick of the snow I don't know what to do with myself. There as nothing on the way into work, and then two hours in, I looked outside (back faces windows) and the world is all white again. The weather reports are calling for another 6 inches. Yippee.

I wish I could be at home in sweats with the girls urging me back to bed . Guess I will have to hold out for Saturday .

Have a good day everyone!
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Jamie, you must be north of me, it's freezing rain here in Philly. The trees look like they are made of glass. No snow yet, but they are calling for 2-4 inches. Sigh. Someone needs to put that groundhog in his place, we need Spring!
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a quiet day, reading the weight loss thread, reading my core program book, have read 6 cups of water already, am feeling so cold so will get onto that exercise bike as soon as i finish reading that weight loss thread, and then do my exercises, im determined now. this arvo i have an haircut appointment, just a trim, i guess. and then its off to pay the bills, hip hip hooray. might go to the scrapbooking store today to get some stuff that i need, and work on my scrapbook.
hope everyone has a great day!
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Good luck Cindy!!!! Knock 'em dead!

Sunny here today....feels wonderful after having been bombarded with 21 cm of snow yesterday. hmmmm...if I could only remember where I put my shorts! It won't be long now until I'm tanned and happy! (did I ever mention how much I hate winter???? Guess living in Canada, I should start enjoying it more!) :LOL:
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kellye I missed your post! Good morning! Way to go! Keep up the good work do you read 6 cups of water? Just curious, I have never done that! Is this a little like 'ainging'???
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just saw that and almost peed myself laughing, must be all that water im reading LOL

i drank 6 cups. i dont know whats wrong with me, i think its from getting up so early as jake had a early class this morning!
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cindy - good luck on your interview!!!

sherral - my hubby made a pot of potato soup the other night. i think there's enough for everyone here. he used a whole 5# bag of potatoes!

we are hosting a banquet here tonight, so there is a ton of people walking by my office. it is affectionately known as the fishbowl because there are floor to ceeling windows on one side and a half wall window on another. people always stare at us as they walk by. :tounge2:

have a good day, all!
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+good luck at the interview.
+Have you read any good water lately? lol
+Im working with a control freak today; all this week. I am not looking forward to being told what to do all day long. Is it friday yet?
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Snow would have been better.

We've had more than an inch of rain this AM and my basement has flooded AGAIN. Sigh.

Max has decided that she must explore all the wet areas of the basement and roll in them. Then she comes upstairs and yells at me like it's MY fault that her fur is all wet! She's sitting here doing the "feh" paw shaking thing at me to show me her toes are wet. Yet she complains bitterly when I towel her dry. Silly cat.
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
a quiet day, reading the weight loss thread, reading my core program book, have read 6 cups of water already....
I am thinking that your drinking a little bit more than water...hmmm..


Good luck Cindy!

Thanks for all the board magic yesterday everyone. I won't know if I have an interview till next week. In the meantime, sending more applications out.

I need warm weather so I can do some more renovation on my home. All the doors on each room are the original solid wood doors. I have to sand them and I don't want to do that inside, so I need to be able to take them outside.

Come on spring!!

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My interview lasted 2 1/2 hrs. I scored high on all of their tests and should hear, tomorrow. If they hire me, I'll start on Monday. Fingers and toes crossed!
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Sounds like the interview went well!

I've heard of reading tea leaves, but never heard of reading water. Sounds like fun!

I had a frustrating day. After a 2 hour long meeting I had to run to get to my 11:00 class. I was 15 minutes into my Introductory Psychology lecture on Perception when the computer crashed. I teach using Power Point and this lecture has lots of great optical illusion slides and other pictures...not a lecture I can give on the chalk board! So, I had 100 students sitting there staring at me and yelling out that I needed to try this and try that with the computer. After a few minutes of fiddling wit the computer I gave up and went to find an overhead projector. Found one in an empty classroom four floors up. Lugged it down to my very noisy class and couldn't get the darned thing to work. After about 10 minutes of struggling I just dismissed the class. grrrrr..... sometimes technology is not my friend!
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Yikes Renae - sounds like a teacher's worst nightmare!

Cindy, a 2 1/2 hour interview must mean something pretty good. They wouldn't waste their time like that if there wasn't some interest there.

She's sitting here doing the "feh" paw shaking thing at me to show me her toes are wet.
I about spit water at my monitor! I can see that so clearly, especially with the look of distain "Mom, WHY did you put water where I WALK???" LOL

Reading water....I don't even have a comeback for that one!

We seem to have snapped our cold weather for now. It's almost 60 and sunny out, but it is slightly windy. I can't complain. Colorado blue skies are so beautiful. I remember when I was at a team shooting practice up at a rifle range in the mountains with the USMCR rifle team and one guy from LA just kept staring at the sky saying he always thought blue sky was kind of grey. He'd never seen such an intensely blue sky. It was the color of Cornflower Blue Crayolas that day.
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well, reading water is a lost art, its a secret thing in which very few and very special people do, its so secret that i should not have said anything, the secret water readers society may have to discipline me....
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Kellye, you should have been here this afternoon with my basement under 2 inches of water. You would have been able to read as much as you wanted!
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Well, Sue, You seriously blew it! To be honest, I don't think Kellye can really read water the way professional water readers do. You could have exposed her once and for all!
Western PA did not get more than an inch of snow, but the temperature dropped 20 degrees in the daytime. I was actually thinking that Spring might come some day! It was 32F and above for a whole week, and one day it hit 42.

Cindy, break a leg!
(She reads water, huh? Is that in English or in Kiwi?)
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