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Part time raw?

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Every time I figure it I just cant afford to feed all of my cats raw but I do have one on raw and all the others try to steal it. I hadnt considered feeding part raw because Ive read that it can be a bit rough on their digestive system (even though the one I feed now does eat some dry) but I just read an article about dogs where the person suggested feeding raw at least a few times a week. Im pretty sure I could feed my cats 2 or 3 ounces (instead of 6 or 7 ) a day, maybe breakfast and dinner...opinions?
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one meal a day would be fine as long as you space the wet/ raw and dry
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Great! I had to buy 40lbs of chicken hearts so maybe now Ill be able to use them up! I think Ill give them an ounce in the morning for breakfast and an ounce at night, probably around 10-12 hours apart. Does that sound like it would be ok?
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SORTA... maybe a raw with dry feeder will have better advise .. but I tried to space raw 8 hours from dry and four hours from wet
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