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Wow - so much info on the "D" word

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Well, if you're looking for an answer as to what may cause or cure dandruff then all you have to do is a search in this forum. I've never seen so many threads on a single issue. I don't think I've seen so many suggestions.

No, I didn't read every thread because I would be here all day but the gest of what most of people thinik is diet is the problem.

I have 5 cats. 2 have bad dandruff and one has a loss of fur problem. And I have taken him to the vet and guess what, he suggested diet.

The problem is I have one cat on Urinary S.O. and the one that has the fur problem eats that exculisively. The one whom the Urinary S.O. is prescribed for has no dandruff problems.

The other two cats with the bad dandruff will only eat Fancy Feast. Once and a while they will eat a bit of the S.O. but they are hell bent on having Fancy Feast.

I don't know if it's harmfull for a cat to have dandruff but I've had it all my life and just recently got rid of it because my wife brought something home from where she works, L"Oreal, and it was a conditioner and it stopped my own dandruff.

Maybe I should use that on them?

Well, I don't like to see it and I guess I'll try some Omega 3 or something like that. If they will eat it.

There are just so many suggestions I wouldn't know where to start. I guess the fish oil makes sense. I don't see why the wal-mart stuff may not work either.

Anyway I didn't figure another thread would hurt since ther were about 50 of them already.

Anyone up for some new suggestions?
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The only problem with the Wal-mart stuff is dosing--how much would you give? My kitty Zek is on 3V caps (which have omega fatty acids), and he is only to get one every other day because the stuff is strong. Is the Fancy Feast you are feeding the canned or the dry? Could you try meal feeding the cats that don't have to have the special food? Perhaps you could mix the Fancy Feast with something that has fewer grains and byproducts?
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