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Saturday What are Your Plans?

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Morning All!!

Well it's warmer here today only -4 but snowing like crazy..Yep I think I just about had enough of winter now

Pretty typical Saturday for me. Have to work until 4 then am going grocery shopping. Have to stop by the Pet Store for some treats the treat jar is almost empty and I am getting some serious evil eyed stares over that..

Maybe a movie tonight or I might just go to bed early with a good book..I have a really interesting book on Arthurian Style Legends from around the world that I am reading right now..

The kitties are good this morning, watching the squirrels out at the birdfeeder right now..

Everyone have a good day
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Should be 80 here. I'm off to see how my new house is coming along and then maybe a movie at the dollar movies (50 cents on Tuesdays). Probably Sweeny Todd. Hey, I can wait for movies and see them on the big, big screen with all the same amenities as the $9 movies!
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We are making the nice drive up to Cleveland to go bowling with my cousin and her hubby and their friends. I am sooooo excited! I haven't been bowling in FOREVER!
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We're all sick with the flu so there is lots of TV to watch and liquids to drink in my future.
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Well after spending over 2 hours (good exercise) shoveling driveway I got to do it again this morning!! We had about 30 minutes of icy snow-Neil slid into snowbank while turning into driveway last night. Good thing he had the truck other wise we would have had to pull the car out with the truck or tractor!!

Buts its sunny outside. Neil went X-country skiing this morning and hopefully will run some errands this afternoon.
Some retailers must be hurting for business as we got a 10% off coupon when we use our little used Home Depot card. Turns out there was an item I was going to buy there anyhow this spring but I can get it now if its in stock!! ( a new cart to pull behind the ATV).

Perhaps an early dinner out tonite too.

Have a good day!!
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FIL & Step MIL are on their way up for a visit. I have two more rooms to clean before they arrive. FIL is getting his taxes done so we get to entertain Step MIL. It's going to be a fun day. BIL might even stop over which is shocking since he hasn't been here once (Mom's house he feels weird).
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What I need to do and what I want to do are 2 different things. I need to move tons of stuff off my back porch and in my basement; my clothes dryer bit the big one yesterday and I'm having a new one delivered Monday. I need to make some craft items to take to my craft booth next week. I need to clean the living room. I want to take a nap, then watch the Cubs spring training game on tv. Hopefully, I can get a little bit of everything accomplished.
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My friend is having a yard sale.. and I was going to go over there for a while.. but its kind of chilly out.. and I think I may be coming down with a cold.
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We're just relaxing this afternoon. Pepper is perched on the back of the couch looking out the window. She goes to the vet in a few hours to get her follow-up booster shots.
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I am making the drive to Cincinnati today (when i get motivated...I was supposed to leave about an hour ago ) so I have a long drive ahead of me. I am actually going to look at places to rent this weekend. I have 2 months left before I move and I don't have a place to live OR a job yet .
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Yes, it's snowing pretty hard here as well too so we aren't planning on going anywhere. We are going to do a lot of things around the house we normally don't have time to do during the week. How exciting I know!!
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DH and I were invited to a store pre-opening reception at the store that one of my dance teachers is opening up next to her studio. She will be selling workout wear and sexy lingerie. Might be an interesting night.
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John and I went to town this morning and got shopping done. Then he went down to a friend's house to work on his scooter, so I'm sitting here on the internet! I have managed to get a bit of cleaning done in between reading posts on TCS though, lol.
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No plans today except cleaning and work. I might go to a movie tonight depending if anyone else wants to go... Tomorrow I am hoping the weather forecast is right, it's supposed to be in the high 40s, and as long as it doesn't rain too much I am going to take the dogs for a long hike.
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I had work all day. I just got off a little while ago. Not sure what i'm doing the rest of the night.
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I had to go into work for a bit this morning, then John & I went out to the Harley Davidson shop to get an outfit for my new baby cousin
Came home & did some cleaning, now its relaxing for the rest of the weekend
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I worked until about 2 hours ago and now I'm off to do some house cleaning so that tomorrow I can relax and do absolutely NOTHING!
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I ended up going downtown with my brother this afternoon because he had to go in to work, so I walked over to check out this pet boutique I'd heard about, it was really cute but expensive! We also got some really tasty chinese food for dinner at Big Bowl.
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hmmm, yesterday i popped to town & that was all i did! oh, & i made some cake's
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Hmm, on Saturday we drove to Mooresville Dragway because my brother's been dying to drag race his Monte Carlo. We took our little Integgy-Teg out as well, since it's just fun to do (our car is by no means a race car with super-fast times!). My brother really enjoyed himself, as did we. We got there late (3pm) and they closed at 5 so we didn't get a lot of runs in. Our car didn't do too bad for a 16 year old completely stock car with 200,000 miles on it! On my last race, I beat a newer Honda Civic (with 58,000 miles on it, the guy mentioned when talking to us) by .4 seconds. He didn't want to race because the Integra was running better than his! Can't wait for my Camaro to be finished - we loved racing that too.

Then my mom cooked my favorite dinner in the entire world - roast beef (eye of the round) on the rotisserie in red cooking wine, with homemade mashed potatoes and green beans with garlic - plus a french baguette loaf of bread !!! Later that night Rob & I watched part of Wedding Crashers and Kill Bill Vol. 2.
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