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OK, there's a girl trying to convince me that there's a breed who's called "greycat". The breed called "greycat" is supposed to be the British Shorthair. I don't really believe her since I've never heard of this nick name. No one of the British Shorthair breeders I know have ever heard about this nick name so I'm asking you here, is "greycay" really a wellknown nick name for the British Shorthair?
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The original colour, the first to be registered anyway, was blue (ie grey) but as far as I know the original 'official' name of the breed at that time was British Blue - although greycat as a nickname is not too much of a stretch of the imagination, I don't think it's ever been officially known as that.
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Not that I know of. I know the British SH for a long time was just called British Blues (as blues were mainly shown) even tho they came in other colors. But I've never heard them called "Greycats"

Greycat is not a breed
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I've never heard anyone refer to Brits and "greycats" either
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