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Meet Dusty...

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These are some pictures of our cat Dusty. She is a British Blue colourpoint and she is two years old, (she will be 3 in June 08).

Please can you post up some pics of your kitties aswell please.

Thanks for looking...
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She is beautiful! I love her eyes. Pictures of my cats are in my signature under this post.
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I the fourth picture which is close up, her eyes are beautiful!
post #4 of 15! I want to squeeze that beautiful face!!!
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She is gorgeous!
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She is just precious!! I love her coloring. Can't wait to see more of her.
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What a beauty! I can't believe she's almost three. She looks kitten like.
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She's so pretty!! I love her eyes!
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She is really really cute
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Thank you all so much for your comments on Dusty, and from looking at your signatures, all your cast look absolutly beautiful too.

Thanks again

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Originally Posted by bnwalker2 View Post
She is gorgeous!
pix of mine are in my avatar... & all over the forum, really!
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Oh my goodness!!!!!!!! She is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!
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what a cutie!
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Dusty is adoreable!
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Some really good pics Amber they are adorable, especially the last two. I would be interested to know what camera you have? Is it a DSLR? if so what type of lens were you using? cos you were right down on 1/8 shutter speed. Did you do any P/P on them at all? again because a couple of them are really sharp.
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