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Apartment White

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I posted in another thread about my new place

Question: Anyone have any ideas that are dirt cheap or free for jazzing up "apartment white" walls? I will not be able to paint them. The only idea I've come up with is some type of tapestries but those are spendy.

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Are you aloud to put Pictures up? We can not put Nails in the Walls here.
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Yes, we can put up things with nails, thank goodness. I was thinking of enlarging some photos of the cats and making a kinda artsy display on one wall. But, that will cost some money so will be on hold for a bit
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You could do a collage if you have a printer! Then you could just use the pics you have and laminate then put in a picture frame...
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Fabric can be fun when used on a wall, and if you keep your eyes open and shop around, you can find some really pretty stuff for relatively cheap. I used it when I lived in Married Housing at MSU, back in the day....easy to change with the seasons too!
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Heck, I still have pictures from when I lived in white-walled apartments.

Ugh! I'm not a fan of white rooms. You could even take a bunch of photographs of family and friends, frame them and then hang them all over one wall.

I remember another friend in college got 5 black book shelves and covered one wall and placed all his CDs and books on there.
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Yeah I think I would just hamh a bunch of things up on the walls. Pictures and whatnot.
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You could enlarge (al Wal-Mart) some pictures you have taken of your kitties, or other things . Then put them in $1-$2 frames at Wal-Mart. We have a lot of black and white pictures that my SO took in photography class that make great wall decor!!!
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Maybe cruise the yard sales and pick up some cheap fabric or baby blankets to help decorate the walls.

And have some "cut outs" for the fabric. If you can draw a simple cat shape you could make a pattern and then cut out the cats in different colors and use them for the walls
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Fabric is a good idea, and easy. Cut up old clothes, or go to yard sales and find fabric.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Maybe cruise the yard sales and pick up some cheap fabric or baby blankets to help decorate the walls.
or quilts... i have a quilt on my wall at school, which is now the only place i have to spend time in that has white walls.
that was one of my favorite things about buying a home - i got to paint the walls!
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You can also get a sheet with a color you like and dip it in liquid starch and paste it to the wall. It will pull right off when you need to take it down. You can cut the sheet up and can use it as a backdrop for for framed pictured to give it more of an impact.

Congratulations on your new place!
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Something I've done is get old simple kimonos... still have a few sitting around... I got them dirt cheap.

Also, find some canvasses for cheap... as big as you can afford... and do some abstract painting on them... or i could do them them for you... I have paint, just need canvasses... (I've been known to be somewhat artistic *snerk*)

Remember, if you want fabric, you know someone here *hint*hint* who works in a fabric store... a BIG fabric store... in Portland. the ideas alone... geez.

And if you don't want to spend a fortune on the fabric, wait until we open the outdoor sale in a couple months or so... you can buy yards of fabric for REALLY cheap. Depends on what you want and how much. So many ideas, so little wall space!!!

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You could get several cheap sheets from ebay....then dye them whatever color you like and hang them up. You could hang them up with pushpins, and make the sheets *drape* nicely. Make sure the sheets are from the same source though, so the dye will look the same on all of the sheets.
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Thanks for all the wonderful ideas! So many creative people here I am itching to get moved and get started on something. Should have some moolah in a couple of months to try my hand
Amanda, I may take you up on that offer!
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