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New Apartment!

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Well, I did it. I will be moving into a different apartment soon. This studio I am in now is 350 square feet. The new place is 608 sq ft so the cats will have more room

It will be $80US more per month so I am giving up my high-speed Internet and cable TV. I am hoping to get a Wi-fi card for the computer and really hoping I will have access to the free wi-fi in the area. We will see. Will still have access at work so I won't have severe withdrawals

The new place is only 3 blocks from a Safeway and 5 bocks from Trader Joe's No more taking two buses to buy a loaf of bread. Is also just a 10 minute bus ride to the pet food store. Is about a 4 minute bus ride to my mothers - nearby but not next door

The new place isn't anything fancy but it is much roomier and I love the location. It is all electric and they will be putting new windows in that will better insulate. I have enjoyed having gas to heat and cook with but I can live with electric.

Best of all, this place has WINDOWS. Five of them to be exact There is so much light compared to what I have now. I want to try to hang a bird feeder outside the bedroom window for some kitty TV.

It is a corner unit on the second floor so fewer neighbors - just below and on one side. I have very little in the way of furniture but will worry about that when I get all moved in. I often see stuff listed for free or very cheap on Craigslist - just a matter of arranging a ride to get it before its gone.

Anyway, I am ecstatic! I really feel like this will be a good move even if I do have to eat even more cheaply to afford it. After living in this tiny box for 2 years, I'm more than ready to spread out just a bit.

Here are a few photos the property manager took.

Front entry to living area with a small dining area off to the side. Has been years since I had a proper eating area

This is the kitchen from the apartment next door - my cabinets are different but the layout is the same. Taken from the dining area toward the bathroom and bedroom. Nice long area for Daphne to play fetch

And, the bedroom - an actual bedroom! With a door! This shows about a third of it.
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Congrats!! It sucks you have to give up your internet and cable, but it will be much more cozy for you and the kitties!! If theres a resteraunt near by you might pick up there wifi- or if theres a neighbor around that has it maybe theyll let you tap into it! (I let anyone who ASKS use mine! They have to have the password so they cant just tap in)
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Originally Posted by glitch View Post
Congrats!! It sucks you have to give up your internet and cable, but it will be much more cozy for you and the kitties!! If theres a resteraunt near by you might pick up there wifi- or if theres a neighbor around that has it maybe theyll let you tap into it! (I let anyone who ASKS use mine! They have to have the password so they cant just tap in)
Thanks We have free wi-fi in some sections of Portland through Metro-Fi. According to their website, I will be 300-500 feet away from their access point.
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Oh I would think that would be close enough!! When I didn't have internet I could use it anyway because there is the school that has it a couple blocks away!!
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congratulation's! it look's like a nice place
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Very nice! Congrats!!
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Congrats! I just moved into a new place. Moving sucks but it's worth it when it's a bigger place to what you're used too!
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Sounds like a great place for you and your kitties! Best of luck with the move.
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That definitely sounds like a move up! I'm sure you and the kitties will really enjoy more room, and more windows, and you'll love the convenient location.
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hey, i have free wi-fi... the computer store told me i'd probably need a router, but they were out. so i just brought it home & tried getting online - & it worked! just recently canceled my dial-up, since it's been working for a month, now. love the free access!
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WOOHOO!! Congrats!

Man, Metro-fi isn't in my area yet, darn it... that would save me SOOOO much... just cut down to the cable...

I posted in your other thread about wall coverings... I also hate builder's white... blech!

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Congratulations! It looks nice & the kitties will really love all the windows & space!
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How exciting for you!

I remember when I had to move into a small bachelor/studio apartment when I went to nursing school in 1994. The price was right and it was near school, but the only window in the place faced another building that was taller than ours and because I was on the main floor all of the sun was obliterated and I didn't get any breeze coming into my window at all. If I didn't have my lights on it was dark in there at noon! It was awful.

I was thrilled to be moving and one of the criteria that I had when I was apartment hunting was a place that didn't face another building, a view and lots of light from the windows.

The rent was more expensive but I had more room and I was happier and those are great trade offs!

Once you move in, take lots of pictures!
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Looks like the kitties will have a great time exploring their new digs!
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Back again We are all moved in. Saturday was moving day, Sunday we cleaned the old place. My body is so sore! Thank goodness for willing brothers and energetic nieces and nephews

The first day, Daphne was so very scared. She was shaking like a leaf all the while purring up a storm. Sebastian walked around hissing at both of us all night. The next day, Daphne was all better but will run and hide and shake under the blankets if anyone but me comes in the apartment. I really need to help her be socialized. Sebastian is back to being Seb, no more hissing. They were chasing one another and playing last night so all is well on the domestic front

My brother got some furniture for me. I purchased a few pieces off CL so I am set except for a boxspring and bed frame. All in good time though Now I simply cannot walk through my apartment - it is wall-to-wall stuff. The cats love it, must seem like a huge jungle gym to them.

The windows are going over well. Have to get a bird feeder going somehow. Daphne spotted a crow on the neighbor's roof, assumed stalking stance and was so disappointed when he flew away.
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I just now discovered this -- what great news! I know how glad you must be to get a fresh start in a new place. WOOHOO!
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I would rather be horsewhipped than move, so I can sympathize with many of your emotions.

Our furniture is "early marriage hodgepodge." Well, actually, we just never have spent much money on furniture, so it's all pretty cheap. Our dining room table is a finish-it-yourself pine table. Has a nice finish on it now, but we've had it for...about 28 years now! We bought our living room furniture out at Trader's Village (huge flea market) and you could but the whole set today still for about $500, maybe less.

As far as eating is concerned, I learned very young that $5 won't buy much steak, but it will buy a lot of beans, and the beans are just as nutritious and a whole lot easier to cook.
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