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Listening to the scanner

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And low and behold a guy gets called in for abuse of his girl friend!! Thats not the worst part, then the lady comes across the scanner and says " Be advised, suspect is getting into his car and there seems to be a dog involved, puppy seems malnourished and abused" Then the cop comes across and says "Im not going anywhere near the dog unless its on a leash" !

Looks like Ill be listening to the scanner all night.
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how horrible, i hope everything is ok.
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So far they've called for extra cops and animal control. The guy was 17 years old didn't have a lisence and the GF is fine! Our dog catcher isn't the greatest in the world though, so Im a little nervous about the dog. He picks them up but never drops them off!
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A lady just showed up and took the dog! Phew!
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at least someone picked it up. thats a relief!

isnt it fun living in "scanner land" lol
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Yeah, The scanner is in the basement and normally I dont hear it, but for some reason I did!! The guy just got arrested! What the heck took them so long!!
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OMG so that guy, they arrested him or whatever and then drove him to the police department, when they got there they opened up the back door and he took off running! Well of course they cought him but he was fighting so hard that he broke the glass door on the outside of the police department! I dont know why I didn't listen to the scanner sooner, this is a riot!
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I don't know how you stand that scanner. My mother used to have one, and it used to drive me nuts!
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It always drove me nuts too!! Thats why its in the basement! So my DH can listen to it! But for some reason I heard it and it cought my ear, so I brought it upstairs! Now the cops are coming to a house that is just a couple doors down saying that there is a loud party!! haha
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haha my best friends "fling" just got busted!! I told her he was no good for her! He just got out of the pen and now he's going right back!!

Stupid scanner!!
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