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Introducing Lily to Pascal

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Hello everyone,
Another update on Lily - I've just gotten her and today is the day we introduce her to Pascal (A Bichon x Poodle).
We just did it then. He was surprisingly good. At first he barked lots but he's obedient so we shut him up. Then it was a matter of me supervising as pascal put his head under the bed where Lily was hiding, and they had a big staring competition. Pascal just wants to play, but Lily was hissing and hissing! After a while she just calmed down and stared at him, but every time Pascal made a move she would hiss.

I'm really worried that now she'll hate it here because I've introduced her to the dog too early and made it too traumatic for her! She's still under my bed. I feel like a guilty meowmy! Am I just being paranoid? She was with a greyhound at the foster place, but I guess a poodle looks very different to a greyhound.
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Pascal just wants to her playmate...It seems cute enough to me!

Still, give Lily time and she will soon come around
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Can you crate the dog for awhile and let the cat come to the dog on her terms?

Charlie was hissing a bit when he first met Keno, but Keno's very patient and obedient. I made Keno stay down to be more on the cat's level.

Usually it takes a few days to get used to another animal. The barking may have scared her as greyhounds are pretty quiet dogs. I've never heard one bark
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