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Moving Twice in 6 Months

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I am moving out of my home in one week. My husband and I are moving in with my parents next friday. They are happy to have us and our cat. He is 95% indoor. He likes to venture out every evening for about 30 minutes to an hour. We are moving in with my parents while we build on our 13 acres in the country. They should be finished building within 6 months.

I am concerned that as soon as Radar gets comfortable, we'll be moving again. Which makes me afraid he might run away.
My other concern is that he is use to our quite neighborhood and when he gets to the country one of the wild animals might harm him (raccoon, snake, bob cat, coyote, etc.)

Please give me any advice on making him more comfortable with the transition and keeping him safe.

Thanks bunches,
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Well the safe part is NOT to let him outside unsupervised. Since he's used to being out 1/2 hr or so, then take him out and stay with him. Or train to a harness/leash and take him out.

If you want, you can get one of those portable type of cat enclosures and let him sit outside for awhile - he'd be safe and protected and not wonder off.
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Try to have as many of Radar's favorite things available at your parents as possible - familiar smells and objects will help him adjust quicker.

You aren't going to want to let him out at your parent's house for several weeks anyway, so he becomes accustom to the new place. This would be a good time to see how he does as a totally indoor cat. Or you could try leash training.

Since you are moving onto a nice amount of land, you could build a very nice, big enclosure for Radar and you to enjoy. I've seen some gorgeous enclosures - ponds, waterfalls, outdoor kitchens even included in them.
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