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She definitely missed us!

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Even though we did have people come over every day while we were gone (and we were only gone 3 days) to feed, scoop, water, pet and play, well I guess there's nothing like Meowmy and Daddy.

Mojo woke me up at least 3 times last night to snuggle and nuzzle. And she would not take no for an answer! Earl said she even woke him up a couple times because she was purring so loud. She's made a point to jump up and snuggle with each of us this evening, and when I went to relax and watch some TV she was right there too. We just got done snuggling - for a little over an hour.

The others are all happy to see us back again too. But our Li'l Baby Mojo was really, REALLY happy to see us again! Trent was happy, then remembered he was mad that we left him. Takes a couple hours for him to get over being mad again. Ophelia waited a good hour before coming out to greet Daddy, but everything is just back to normal in her world. Ginger was extra kissy with me when we got home. She's such a little doll!

What do your kitties do when you come back after a couple days?
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I've never had cats like these cats before. Maybe it's because there are so MANY of them, but when we get back, it's like, "oh, hey, you're back. OK, feed us."

None of them seem the least bit interested in punishing us for being gone. And that to me is different!
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None of our cats seem to mind if we go away, they behave like they normally do. It's the dog we have to be careful with, he goes nuts!
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Originally Posted by kluchetta View Post
I've never had cats like these cats before. Maybe it's because there are so MANY of them, but when we get back, it's like, "oh, hey, you're back. OK, feed us."

None of them seem the least bit interested in punishing us for being gone. And that to me is different!
That's pretty much the same thing that happens here.

Long ago when I was single and the mom of a single cat, I knew his reaction to my return by the number of days we were gone.

1 day: a little aloof, would pout for a few hours
2 days: mad at me and wouldn't come out for a few hours
3 days: I would find things knocked off of shelves and windowsills. Still mad as day 2.
4 days: anxious, would greet me but play hard to get
5 days of more: OMG mom where have you been - you deserted me. He then didn't leave my side for the next 24 hours.
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Aristotle will meow like crazy. Topaz looks at the food bowl.
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Awww, so sweet. Trent acts just like Oreo when we go away and come back. Happy at first then quickly remembers she is ticked. Our kitties sure know how to shows us love, huh?
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I've never been away for that long but I do work long hours on some days. When I reach home, Lucy Belle always greet my by the front door. Then she'll run along the hallway and lay down, belly up, rolling and rolling non stop. It's such a joy to know that she's happy that I am home. She'll normally follow me around like a puppy for the rest of the night, pawing me and jumping on top of me when I lay on the couch to watch TV. She never does that when I am at home all day though.
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At my old home, I had 5 cats. I went away on a business trip which was supposed to last a week (including a few days at my parents house)...well it turned into 2 1/2 weeks away because of my dad's health (he passed away while I was home visiting and I stayed for the funeral). I had a co-worker feeding the cats and cleaning the litter box twice a day while I was gone, god love her.

When I finally got home, Jasper literally did a double take when he saw me! It was the funniest thing! It was like..."oh, do I know you??". I've never actually seen a cat do a double take before. He would NOT leave my side for 2 days and he was the most lovable cat! Another one wouldn't come out from under the bed, but she was the shyest cat I've ever met.
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The first few times I was/we were away, Jamie pouted on my/our return, but then was especially clingy for several days. Nowadays he immediately demands a walk outside, and then sticks to me like velcro for a week.
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Awwww I knew this would be about little Mojo! She's such a sweetie!

Our girls all miss us when we go away, and we get big cuddles when we get back.
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When we returned from one vacation, my favorite budgie couldn't wait to to fly to my finger. I was pretty surprised when my RIP cat Brownie who was mostly an outdoor cat, jumped on the bed and wanted to be petted! So, I was petting Brownie with my right hand and playing with RIP Vida Blue in the left hand. BTW, Brownie never went after the birds.
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Oliver is pretty mellow -- "Cool, you're back." Rocky is my co-dependent boy -- cries when I walk in the door and won't leave my side until I finally settle down. Then they both want to be petted.
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Weekend or weekend plus one absences they tend to appear as soon as we come in, and stick around until they get fed. From there on Cindy is velcro kitty, and there aren't enough scritches for anywhere from 12 to 36 hours. Longer absences, they take a little longer to come out from wherever, and Cindy is especially sweet/funny the way she appears wide-eyed not quite believing that it's Mum and Dad she's heard, not Debbie (pet sitter). And then she's velcro kitty.

The one that was really funny (in retrospect ) was my old lady Shasta, years ago, when Rob and I were still "sharing two residences". I went east for Christmas one year, was gone ten days or so, maybe as much as two weeks, and while I was gone Rob and my landlord shared kitty duties, and Rob stayed over several nights with her. The day I got back, he picked me up at the airport. We got to the house in the early evening, and I unlocked the door. Shasta was right there. She looked straight at me, total eye contact, total acknowledgement, and then went straight for Rob and made the biggest fuss of him she ever made, before or since, and stuck to him like glue for the rest of the evening. She did not acknowledge me again for 24 hours. I guess the caption on that picture was "Oh. It's you. You decided to come home. Well, I know who I can rely on!" She was fine once she had "taught" me.
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