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Ooops, my bad

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The phone rang just a minute ago and I figured it was one of DH's pals because they would be the only people to call this late. I answered the phone with a rude comment just to mess with whoever it was. I didn't get a response so I said hello normally and this little kid was like "Is Chris there?" I immediately thought oh crap, and said you have the wrong number. The kid said OK and hung up. I'm somewhat embarrassed but like I said I figured it was one of DH's friend.
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LOL! Probably he'll check the number more carefully next time.
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haha!! Thats funny!! Unfortunate for the kid, but funny none the less!
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aww! at the kid though
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That has just reminded me about a time when my bank called me about an overdue payment...I didn't know who the caller was as it was withheld, and I answered with "Who's calling me that this stupid time of night? If it's sales crap I don't want to know!" Oh boy, that was a mistake! But it does make me laugh when I think back to it now...

I think we have all done it at some point in our life, especially if the phone calls are constant ones
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My mum once dialled the wrong number, she thought she was phoning the cinema to ask what film was showing. The young man who was at the receiving end of her query was not quite sure what to make of her question which was 'Hello, can you tell me what you've got on tonight?'
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I answered the phone once with a string of expletives because I stood on a three-pin electrical plug while running up the stairs to answer it!! I never did find out who was on the other end!
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My husband answered the phone once by saying "Meow!" because he thought it was me. It wasn't me, and he was seriously embarassed
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