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VET was wrong!

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WEll all My babies are doing fine.....They ventured out tonight and thought it was absolutly WOnderful!....I know People where saying becareful of my dogs with them (3weeks old) but they climbed all over my doberman ..
They all looked so cute and Sugar (the mother) loved all over my dog too...........We where very careful to watch them but he was just so gentle with them all...........ANyhow i told you all about my poor little kitten who only had 1 eye.......Well tonight while they are playing i see a EYE where there isnt suppose to be one I run over to her and bathed her eye And there it was Half open and still a little closed but THERE IS A EYE... HOw could the vet be wrong????????????/....It is still staying half closed because of all the *goop* thats there, for the life of me i cant get off?...(if someone could help me about how to get rid of that i would appreciate it).. I have been bathing it with warm water but it seems to want to stick stead fast )!...I am just so happy that she has her eye. But i what i paid the vet for is far beyond me.....HAs anyone heard of this before?..........I really apprecaite all your helpful answers...........YOu have been a godsend to me in this past week...........
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The first thing I would do is go back to the vet and complain about the amount he charged you for a misdiagnosis. I would also ask for an antibiotic ointment (teramyacin) or drops to help the eye heal. I would also find out if her eyesight in that is has been compromised. I'm glad you found it. It's too bad your vet wasn't paying more attention.
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I am so sorry to hear that the vet charged you an arm and a leg for your baby's treatment and then was wrong. At least there is hope that things will be ok. The ointment that I have always been given is Neobacimyx. really inexpensive and does alot of good. I hope that everything works out for you.
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You know, it's sad to say but some vets miss things. It is hard to find the ones who really do it for the animals. I have found plenty of vets that for some unkown reason got into the buisness for money. Either that, or at some point they lost thier compassion. It only takes me one screw up and I wont use that vet again. I am glad everything turned out okay for the kitten though. I hope you can find a better vet for the future.
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Keep in mind though that vets are human and they do make mistakes! Even a very good vet still makes mistakes. Now I'm not saying you should stay with the vet if you don't like them / don't trust them - etc. Just a thought... I'm glad your kitten is okay though!!

Also, IMHO I've found that the better the relationship I have with my vet the better care. So I try to find vets that I like not only as vets but as people...

Heather V. Havel
Michigan - USA

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