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Absolutely Darling Kitten!

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I went in for my regular clean up detail at our adoption area at PetSmart. And this little fella was there. His name is Skamper! Four months old.

I think he might have some Maine Coon in him. What do you guys think?

He has the really hairy ears and tufted paws... thick short fluffy tail.. really long whiskers, broad head round eyes....etc. Big for his age, stubby legs.

Soooooo sweet... little purr machine. followed me around every where and cried for me when I put him back in his cage.

See attachments. I still haven't joined photobucket.. .I know sheesh!!!

also a skinny gray female named Smoky. Don't have room to upload her I guess I am at quota. She really looks like she has Ori in her - very thin - long thin tail with a more wedge shaped head and a raspy cry. And unfortunately, I think she has tapeworms. Already called it in.
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He is adorable!!
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Aww.. He is a cutie.. Why was he at petsmart ? Is he up for adoption
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Originally Posted by hurdyburdy View Post
Aww.. He is a cutie.. Why was he at petsmart ? Is he up for adoption
Yes. The rescue I volunteer for has the adoption space at one of the Detroit-area PetSmart stores. I am the Friday night poop-scooper and kitten scritcher!!

Sorry the photos are lousy - camera phone.

The lil guy took a real shine to me... awwwwww
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Wow, he is beautiful!!
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He's beautiful! I'm no expert for sure but he screams Main Coon to me!
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Ohmigosh. So cute!!! I want to just scoop him up and give him kisses!!!
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So adorable! And he's only 4 months?? That cat is going to be HUGE!! I agree, Maine Coon is my first guess. Or, is it possible he has some bobcat in him? I doubt they are very common in Detroit but he reminds me of some of our farm cats that are part Bobcat.
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Aw, he's looks just like my Tiger, who's Maine Coon/white tabby mix. Yeah, he's going to be a BIG boy! Tiger was about that size at 4 months too and now he's huge and I swear still growing at only 11 months old.
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I love his ears!! So cute!!
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