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Soft Paws Help

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I recently ordered my 7 month old kitten some soft paws. I got him the smalls because of his weight (about 7.5 pounds). But once I got them in the mail, it seems as though some of his claws are too big. So I ordered the medium as well to get the proper fit on each claw (could of also been a combination of my being too lazy to send the small size back but it did say that they should fit like a glove). So it's obvious to me that my kitten is just in the growing stages of becoming an adult cat so of course he may need different sizes.

I'm concerned about the trimming portion though. His nails are clear so I can see where not to clip them, but the Soft Paws also recommends that you don't trim too much of the nail so the glue can have more of a surface area to attach to. But then I'm also looking at the pictures on how far up the soft paws should be near the base of the nail and I don't see how it's possible to get them up that far if I don't trim enough of the nail away.

Has anyone here used Soft Paws and know how to apply them the best way? I don't have another person to help me out when I finally do it and hold down the cat for me, so this will be a solo mission.

When I was trying out the fit on one of his paws without the glue, he was ok with it at first until I tried pushing it on slightly, he jerked his paw back as if maybe it hurt. I don't want to hurt him. Any tips are appreciated. And yes, if I can't do it, then I'll have to pay the vet to do it.
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don't know if this'll help, but i usually trim as usual... mine didn't much like them at first [especially Java!] but they get used to them.
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This thread has some useful information and may help :
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That was actually extremely helpful. I don't have anyone to hold him by the scruff, but someone reminded me about how I used to wrap up my cats in a bundle so they couldn't move. I could do that when putting on the soft paws. Wrapping them up is possible for this solo mission.

The medium size just came in the mail today, so I'll need to figure out which claw gets which size and put them in order and then fill each with the glue. I'm a little worried about taking too long and the glue drying before I get to put them on.
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I put Oliver in a pet t-shirt and kinda hold him between my thighs as I kneel on the floor... I utilize the t-shirt because he basically goes limp in it and HATES walking in it, so it kinda keeps him from wiggling - but making your kitty into a burrito in a towel would work too... overall though he's quite good about the application... he too jerks his paws away sometimes - I think it just kinda feels funny to them, but doesnt hurt.... oh yeah and I clip his nails normally before I cap too... and I hold on to Oliver for basically as long as he'll let me post-application to make sure the glue is good and dry... and don't be surprised if your kitty tries like mad to get them off at first... he'll get used to it though - Ollie's been wearing them for years and still licks at them after I put them on
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I'm in the nail clipping stage and keep on disrupting his nap time. He doesn't like the nail clipping all that much. He pulls away before I even get a chance to clip. He watches me do it and right when I'm about to clip it, he basically flinches. It's kind of funny actually. He's completely over reacting over something that isn't that bad.

I wrapped him in a burrito and got to clip about 3 claws before he tapped out. Most of the time was spent with his flinching and pulling his paw away at the last second. He's being difficult.

I want to get them all clipped before they all start growing back. And then I need to swab his claws with a little rubbing alcohol mixed with water (at least that's what it says on the package).

All the while I'm getting scratched by him. He needs these things on already! lol

I'll add that I got him green to match his eyes. :P

Edit: I'm gonna try that T-shirt thing though. I used to do that to my old cats when I was younger. Used to dress them in my little brother's baby clothes and watch them lay there feeling humiliated.
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hmmm... i've never used alcohol on mine...
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It says on the package that they will stick on better or longer if the nail is clean. Which makes sense really. Normally you want to dust off the surface you're about to glue for the best results anyway.

Right at the beginning of the instructions on the package it says:

"For best results, the cat's nails should be clean and free from dust or grit before beginning. If necessary, clean with a cotton swab lightly moistened with alcohol."

Oh, it doesn't even say to mix it with water, I thought it did. :|
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Any alcohol you buy will already be mixed with water. The purest you can buy is 10% water, and a lot of it is 30% water.
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I've never cleaned Oliver's toes with alcohol first... and I don't remember reading that on the package - at least not when I first bought them, I don't read the directions anymore haha... and if your kitty's giving you this much trouble with the clipping and applying, I'd skip the alcohol cleaning haha, unless he's been digging in dirt or something weird like that

I do find that the T-shirt helps! He turns into slinky cat when I put it on! If that doesn't work, Foster and Smith sell something along the lines of a "cat bag" - I don't have personal experience with it, but maybe someone here does and can comment... but I always see it in their catalog... basically you put the cat in this bag (his head sticks out) and then you open little holes to pull out one foot at a time.... like I said, I have no experience with it, so I don't know how a cat would react to being put in one!

Good luck!
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I wish I had some good advice for you, but it sounds like you've gotten some from others already! I've only used softpaws once on Enzo and he hated them!!! He would CONSTANTLY pick and bite them, he had nearly all of them off within a week.

My advice is to get as much claw in the softpaws as possible. That way they will be less likely of falling off or getting torn off. Good luck!!!
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