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Man Dies Rescuing Cat From Tree

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What a sad story. May he rest in peace.
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That is so tragic to lose wonderful people like this man. RIP Scott
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What a sweet, dear man. May he rest in peace.
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Awww. This is a sad story.
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That's very sad RIP
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Ohhh thats terrible!!! At least he saved the kitty!! It wasn't a total loss... Just a deep one! May he rest in peace!!
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that's really sad. may he R.I.P
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...I´m so sorry for him...

RIP to him!...
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It's such an enormous loss for the world when someone as caring as Scott loses their life for opening their heart. He will be sorely missed. Sleep easy, Scott, you did what you went up there to do.
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I read that story in the newspaper and was so sad to hear it. I live in the town next to Orange so it happened close to my home. I am greatful that there are people like him who would help anyone or anything who needed help. May Scott be rewarded for his sacrafice and his family be comforted that his heart was in the right place.
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He was a real hero.
May he rest in peace.
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Oh, how sad.... condolences go out to the family and friends of this kind soul...
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How heartbreaking. My condolences to his family.
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It's really tragic but what a hero of a guy.
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May that caring man rest in peace...
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Originally Posted by Katz4Life View Post
May that caring man rest in peace...
how amazing for him to have done that. So tragic though that it took his life to help another.
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Godspeed over RB, Scott - Heaven is lucky to get a wonderful soul like you Enjoy all the attentions from our RB kitties who will be there to greet you!
In an article that I read, the fire captain said that people shouldn't go up in trees to rescue cats because cats always come down on their own
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This situation is frustrating to me, and I don't think it's just because I'm married to a firefighter and the daughter and granddaughter of a firefighter- but this man died saving a cat who would have eventually come down from that tree. A rescuer should never risk their life to save an animal, and I love my cats more than just about anything. I value my husband's life more than that of a cat and that is not something I feel bad or guilty for. The community suffered a huge loss, as did this man's family. Cats do indeed come down from trees, but even if they didn't, I refuse to offer up my husband's life for the life of my or another person's cat. That being said, if a firefighter sees an animal in a dangerous situation (ie a house fire) and can get to the cat without endangering themselves they will. They have saved dogs who fell through ice, a friend of my husband's intubated a cat they picked up in a house that was on fire, another friend rushed a police dog to the emergency vet after it had been shot- I'm not saying they shouldn't help animals, but they shouldn't risk their lives for an animal any more than they should for a vacant building and I would never want anyone to risk serious injury or death to save Annabelle or Isabelle.
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