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update! the two elderly cats are on their way!

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the two seventeen year old cats i am taking in that i mentioned in another thread will be here tomorrow morning!
please send vibes they are not too stressed from the three and a half hour car trip. i will be setting up a quiet "no traffic" place for them to settle down in the house. the male (tigger) with the frontal lobe tumor swelling has made progress. apparently the swelling was the size of three golf balls on his face..has reduced to two golf balls in the last week with just some cortisone treatment..i will be continuing and taking over the treatment once he gets here. cuddles, the female, is very healthy but a little skittish around new things. both are very affectionate with people and just want to be held and loved.
i'm very excited for my two new additions arrival..they should be here around 8am saturday morning..please send good vibes..i will update and post pics ASAP!
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Sending lots of vibes your way!

Now I need to go find your other thread!
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Originally Posted by bnwalker2 View Post
Sending lots of vibes your way!

Now I need to go find your other thread!
sorry, here's the thread...
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Many stress free headed their way! Bless you for bringing these seniors into your home. I hope everything goes smoothly!!
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wow, I hope everything works out and they adjust quickly!
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Originally Posted by Tink80 View Post
That is so wonderful of you to take them in! I can't wait to see the pics when they arrive!
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Your original thread brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful person you are to look after these babies at the end of their lives, making sure they are loved and have comfort all around them.

Sending many vibes your way for them to settle in quickly.

I am so glad to read that Tigger is going to be ok and that Cuddles will still have her brother with her.
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Its nice of you to take 2 older Cats. I hope everthing goes ok.
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thanx for all your replies. i am just relieved they will finally be getting some attention and love. to be honest, i wish my mom and dad would have considered this awhile ago but it was a touchy subject as they are my parents. anyway, i won't dwell on that..i'm focusing at this point to the future...enrichment, stimulation, affection, and love. no more being confined to one room and only seeing a human every few days. no more sitting alone. i want them to feel like they are part of a family again.
it's nice of you all to say i'm doing a good thing..i just figure..i have the time, the money, and the why not??? that's how i figure out if i'm going to take in an animal..LOL.
anyway, can't wait...counting down the mom said she feels sorry for tigger because of his deformed face..i told her if he doesn't seem bothered by it, why should you be? she thinks it's sad but if he doesn't see himself as deformed/disabled/whatever and he is happy..why not live as happily as possible? he is a total sun worshipper..i can't wait till the days get pretty so i can let him finally bask again
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i posted pics here
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