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Teddys chases

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Teddy is nearly 5 months old and he has started going outside by himself. But he will only come in when HE wants to! its so funny..I am too scared to leave him out at night yet so when its just getting dark i go and get him and bring him in. well the last few nights he has decided its funny to watch mummy chase him around the front yard! Oh yes he thinks this is hilarious - especially when the neighbours are out! Oh my little Teddy is growing up so fast lol
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My sister would let hers out after breakfast, then in the evening shake the food to get them in for dinner. They stayed in at night (recommended by the council to keep in overnight). Now they are indoor cats and go out on harness.
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yeh i shake the food for him to come in. sometimes he comes in smetimes not..depends on his mood lol
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Harry used to hide under the shed when I wanted him to come in and nothing, but nothing, would get him out from under it.

He's a brat!
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Oh, the cat chase...I remember it well! All my cats now are indoors, but at my old home I let the cats out in the day and brought them in at night. Sometimes I think it's easier to catch a greased pig than a cat that doesn't want to come in!
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Kisa May is scared of being outside

She only goes out when the dog does, we leave the doors open so she can come running inside if something scares her.
She went out into the snow for the first time the other day, I dont think she liked it.
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I keep Blossom inside all the time but sometimes oh takes her out for a few minutes. The other day I left the laundry window open about an inch. When I want to find her I open the cat food bag & she always comes running. No Blossom, so I went to the laundry & the window was open 4 inches. I rushed to the back door & could see the dog looking at something, Blossom. I opened the door for her, but she looked scared & wouldn't move. I got the trusty food bag, & she came in. Thank goodness.
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