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It was close to 80 here yesterday, so I had the hot rod out. Not that warm today, and supposed to be in the 50's tomorrow. But Spring is here; the Bradford pears on our street just started blooming, and the daffodils along the highways are out.
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It's 63º in NC at my parents' house (where I am right now).
It's 68º where Rob & I live in SC.
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cooler today & VERY windy!
currently 72 F winds @ 23 mph, w/overcast skies. they're predicting storms, but none as yet.
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Well.... It was 70F yesterday. This is what I woke up to.

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45* today!!
We opened the doors & windows for a bit, it was so nice to have some fresh air, Harley & Bayley were so happy!

Although tomorrow is back down to 10* with an overnight high of 8* & 2" of snow tomorrow, crazy weather!
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Well the official temperature is 54 degrees right now!
Unfortunately, we had a ton of snow and ice on the ground so now we have huge puddles everywhere and some flooded streets. Also unfortunately, it is going to drop all week. I'm afraid everything is going to end up freezing over again and we're going to be back to icy sidewalks and roads again...
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It's been in the 60s here so I really didn't wear a jacket today
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