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Anyone have Warm Weather?

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It hit 76 so far today and it is 75 now.
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We're in the 40s today... not warm, but warmer than it has been!
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Yup. Yesterday it was -20 and today it's only -10 - getting warmer. Another week and I'll be able to put my winter coat away.
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We've been having weather in the 70's and mostly 80's all week. Today is the coolest day so far. Right now it's 70 degrees.
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Well, it's "warm" compared to the 20-degree-and-lower temps we've been having: it actually got above freezing today! My thermometer says 53 degrees but that is WAY off because it's sitting in the sun. According to the official weather stations it is 38 degrees.
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Another warm Californian. 70 F here today.
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I'm jealous.......send some heat!!!
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We have warm weather! In the 70s and 80s even!

I'm in the inland empire (California).
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It's in the upper 50's here today. Which is nice after all the cold and snow we've had!
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We've had an extremely mild winter, and the crocuses, daffodils, camellias and forsythia are blooming. We had some snow directly after Christmas, but that was it. Unfortunately, the weather forecast is calling for "winter's arrival" next week.
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Warm here too
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it was -4 this am, and is now 20 and snowing like hell, yuk.
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The High was 78 today. We did have alot of Rain last week though.
Kitty Lover you can have the 100's we will have in a few Months. I hate Cold Weather. We still get in the 30's for lows. I would hate to live where its -4.
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It was so cold today. It was around 20 degrees here, and it got below 0 last night. Tonight and into tomorrow, we're supposed to get 5-10 inches of snow. I'm sooo sick of snow I can't wait for spring.

And just my luck, I have to work tomorrow. It's gonna take me an hour and a half to get to work.
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low 60s here most of the last week, sunny, blue skies. Calling for rain but still in the 50s Everything is blooming due to the warmth - daffodils are up, even saw a bunch of purple irises in bloom. Way too early for those.
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high today was 71 F...
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Oh yeah, heat waves here, it was like 30* today But the 40 MPH cold winds really don't help!

Anything is better than the -10 with the -40 windchill the other day.
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we are freezing up here and the forecast is more snow...
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Oh yes....I think spring is near...or at least I hope! All wee we have had between 70-80 degrees. We even had 90 degrees one day this week.
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upper 70's here. i'm in the inland empire too
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it doesn't look all that warm here today, grrr! stupid UK
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I wish!!! It is freezing here and snowing!!!
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It's a beautiful day in Florida! It feels like it's in the low 80's, sunny & breezy. I couldn't ask for a prettier day.
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Going to be and in the high 60s for a few days then 70s on Tues. My jonquils and crocuses are blooming too and it is not too early for them here.
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today's weather: Fair, 75 F, 14mph winds. hey, warm enough i can wear capris!
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I live in OC CA so the weather here has been in the high 80's-low 90's. Today though it is only in the 50's because it has been raining today.
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It is milder here today too..only about -4c
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It didn't get as "warm" as it was supposed to today only about 20F vs the 30F that was forecast.

The good news is no below zero weather in the forecase this week!! We should be done with those temps for the winter.

Bad news is the majority of my plants have at least 2-3 feet of snow covering them up.
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Today it only hit 63 and its Cloudy and Windy.
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Been around 80, all week long. I've been able to keep my door open, until around 10, every night and I've taken the flannel sheets off of my bed.
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