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Changes for this month are shown in this color.

KatKwiz is a kwiz about kats. A quiz that shows members how to use The Cat Site to find information about cats. It also has questions to teach you how to find information and accomplish actions using The Cat Site. Each day a question will be posted at various times of the day between 0001 - 2359 GMT, which can be answered by using The Cat Site. The contest lasts for 8 hours and is open to all The Cat Site members. If there are no winners after 8 hours, the contest is ended and the points remain in the KatKwiz bank.

To be fair to all of our members, only your first answer to a question will be accepted. Also to be fair to other members, each member is limited to winning three times in a calendar month.

All questions are answered by filling in one or more blanks and can be found somewhere on The Cat Site or a link provided by The Cat Site. Persi & Alley reserve the right to PM apparent winners to see how you got your answer, but do NOT include how you found your answer when you give your answer unless the question has a blank stating (one or more steps).

The objective of KatKwiz is to show members where information is located on The Cat Site, therefore questions will be constructed so they cannot be "googled". At times the questions may be worded strange just to prevent this.

Each day's winner receives 1% of the KatKwiz bank account at the time of the question. I will always give one way of finding the answer when the points are awarded. There may be many more.

Even If you do not like games (or have so many points that you don't need them), stop by every day to learn something about The Cat Site you may not have already known. You can always leave the points in the KatKwiz bank or specify to donate them to somebody else. Here is an example of what to watch for every day in The Cat Lounge:

*****KatKwiz - Mar. 01 - 3812*****

The number (3812) is the number of points you will win if you win the contest.

You may have to scroll a long way to find the contest because it only gets refreshed when there is a new answer or comment, and The Cat Lounge is a very active forum. Just because somebody has already answered, it may not be correct. Over half of the time the first answer is NOT correct, so go ahead and submit your answer. Or just say "good answer" to refresh the post.

Where do the points come from?

All of the points in the KatKwiz account are donated by members. This account earns interest. Each day the daily winner is paid 1% of the current bank account which represents the interest the account earns. So, as an example, if the balance was 385,329 points when the question was asked, you would win 3853 points. I also make points posting, which along with member's donated points, allow the bank balance to keep going up, which allows a higher payout in the future.