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Can't find the neighborhood pregnant kitty

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Hi folks, I keep dry cat food on my front and back porches for feral or homeless kitties (and the occasional possum!) ... today, I noticed a VERY pregnant cat eating at my back porch. I tried to go outside to see if she would get close to me, but she ran off (as fast as she could in her condition). I feel so bad knowing that the cat will have to give birth somewhere out in the cold without a source of food or warmth. I was going to make a place for her in my garage so that she could eat and keep the kittens safe. But, I can't find her. I looked everywhere, and I can't imagine she could get very far - it looked like she was going to have those kittens at any second! I've been distraught all day because I want to know that she is ok, but I can't find her. Does anybody know the type of spots that cats hide to give birth? Maybe I could at least take her some food! Any tips or advice would be appreciated.
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awww that is so sweet of you. My outside momma keeps having kittens in bushes. We have a chicken coop and barn open and she won't have them in there. She is a sucker for canned food and if i leave it out she will come. Now that she is getting friendly i'm hoping she will have the next litter close to the house so as soon as they are done nursing i can get her fixed!
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She has probably gone to ground to have her kittens, and if you find her and move her, she will just take off again. The best thing you can do for her is to provide her with nourishing food and plenty of water and if there is a place like under your porch or something, where you can set a cardboard box on it's side (as a wind break of sorts) than do that for her. Pile it full of old rags for warmth, or actually if you can snag some, straw or hay is better. She is going to need food to nurse her babies, and unless she already trusts you, bringing her inside will just cause her undue stress and right now she needs to be calm. Bless you for caring!
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Hope you find her and the kitties are ok! Thats very nice of you to help.
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