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Arggghhhh allergies!

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The joys of living in suburbia... It's getting warmer, and everything is in bloom, which means my allergies have started for the season.

This means I've started sneezing a lot, which hurts my chest! I'm waiting for a new Rhinocort prescription to get faxed through to the pharmacy and will have to survive on allergy tablets today - I'm going into the shelter soon, and since I haven't done a cat shift in a while, they'll probably set off my allergies as well, so we'll just see how long I last!

Who else is starting to suffer already?
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It's been warm some here, and freezing cold the next day... The Cherry Blossoms have started to bloom, and I've seen a couple flowers, but not everything yet. Give it another two weeks and I bet it'll be bad here too.
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It's too cold here for most allergies. We just had a blizard yesterday!

Make sure you take your pillow with you so that you can splint your chest when you do sneeze.
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Great idea!! I'm about to leave, so will make sure that comes with me
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nothing outside is bothering me, probably because it's -20 out, but my alergies to work seem to be kicking in.
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My Allergies are terrible right now. I am sneezing so much and my eyes are watery and itchy. It was 73 yesterday. It is 68 right now and it should hit 71 today. My Asthma is acting up again too. The Almond are starting to bloom and a bunch of other stuff. I have hives too. i will have to refill my Flonase.
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I've been getting horrible headaches when I go outside and feeling sort of spacey or lightheaded too. I was chalking it up to an oncoming cold until my boss mentioned sinus problems - now I think its probably my allergies acting up because its gotten a lot warmer here too. I hate allergies!
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