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pulling out her hair!!!!

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bonnie has been pulling her hair out.she started on her neck then moved to her tummy then her bottom and now her legs.she is under the vet and has been on antibiotics and steroids but she is not responding.a few months ago she had feline enteritis but recovered well.now its almost as if she has senile dementia.she sits and howls at the wall,frantically tries to get out of the house(she has always been a housecat never wanted to go out)and generally seems well...a bit nuts.not in a funny haha way either.she is only 2 and i am very worried about her.have any f you had any similar experiences and what worked for you?she gets loads of attention i have changed her food thinking it was maybe an allergy, tried allsorts and she is still doing it.im at a loss and worried.
she is a blue colourpoint persian.the bald patches are full of open sores and bleeding and very red and inflammed,the vet is at a loss too.please help.
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It sounds like an allergy of some kind, or possibly stress. Have you tried an elimination diet where you feed one new protein and one new carbohydrate? It has to be something she's never been exposed to, and that new food is the only thing you can feed (no treats, for example). That can help narrow down whether there is an allergy, but the process takes a few months. In the meantime, you might ask your vet if a different steroid might be an option.

Another possibility might be to try anti-anxiety medications, in case the problem is due to stress.
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