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Do you guys kiss your cats?

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I love kissing neo and moemoe's years. there so soft. they always jump up on my lap and shove there face towards me. I guess they like it too
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I LOVE kissing my kitties! My oldest male, Peppurr, lifts his lips up and sticks his mouth on my cheek! He knows how to kiss, but can't seem to keep the drool in his mouth! I especially love kissing their paws! Unless of course they were just in the litter box!
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Oh yes! Most of the time they don't seem to appriciate it though.
But I can't help but kiss their soft neck or belly!
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Do I ever!

Spike is often kissed... on the head... paws... belly if he's silly enough to roll on his back and think I'd pass up the opportunity to kiss that white belly of his! I also like to pretend to eat his ears... kinda like... biting them with my lips (not biting down hard or anything) He just gives me the strangest looks. :tounge2:
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I love kissing my kitties!!! I usually just kiss them on the top of the head though
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Yep, I kiss my two boys - mainly on the head but sometimes when they're lying on their back, I just can't resist their bellies.

Sometimes they pull away as if to say "Oh mum, kissing's for wimps" :laughing:
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[size=large]The paws are mine! (ie; avatar). I love kissing their paws. They smell like cheesies. And their faces are so adorable. kissy kissy kissy kissy kissy kissy kissy kissy kissy kissy kissy kissy kissy kissy kissy kissy kissy kissy kissy kissy kissy kissy kissy kissy kissy.[/size]
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I kiss all my animals!
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im always kissing them!

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I mostly kiss their paws, I know what a surprise, and the top of their little heads .
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The last time I kissed Whiskers, I ended up with fur up my nose! :LOL: Not a good thing for someone with allergies! I reserve myself to belly rubs and scritches!
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jgaruba, I do that with their ears, too!

Yes, these kitties are kissed on a regular basis. Jules will come over and stick his head under my mouth and head-butt upwards so he bumps my lips. That is his way of asking for kisses. He is the only one who really likes getting kisses, the others put up with it. Usually, I kiss the tops of their heads, but occasionally will kiss the side of a sleeping cat or a paw.

They are just so darn cute, how can I resist?
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I kiss mine, between their ears.
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sure do! When I lay down on my bed,Grayski will come up beside me and puts his paw on the side of my face,and then puts his nose on my face and keeps doing it intill give him a kiss & a belly rub!!!He just loves his belly rub!
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Yup! I kiss all my animals every day, well... save the bird. Isha gives kiss's back and Tage just loves it!
My fiance can only kiss them on the noise, cause he has allergies if he kissed them on a furry part his lips would burn!
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I kiss Ivo, but usually on her back or side. She is still shy about anything approaching her head from the front. And, when she's asleep all curled up with her chin pointing to the ceiling, I can't resist and kiss her chin or her mouth.

I saw a T-shirt I really want to get-"J'embrasse mon chat sur la bouche" (I kiss my cat on the lips, in French).
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i love to kiss eddie's nose. it really freaks my husband out.
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I kiss Trent a lot. Mostly on the head and cheeks, but he's such a love he lets me kiss his paws, his tummy, his back, his side, his neck... He also gives us kisses by putting his little mouth right up to our lips and holds it there. So cute. He actually screamed at me and climbed up on his back feet against the wall last night because he wanted to give me a kiss. Once he gave me a kiss, he was quiet and content.

Ophelia, our little feral, has just started to let me kiss the top of her head in the past 6 months or so (she's 3 years old and came into our hearts and home at approx. 6 weeks old). I only get one little kiss on her head, and only about once a day but it's better than her looking at me like I'm an axe murder and running.
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yes I do.
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Originally posted by okeefecl
I kiss Ivo, but usually on her back or side.
HEE HEE I read this too fast and thought you said you kiss her back side. hahhahhahahaha!
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Tamme: LOL. I know I did the same thing!
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ed greets me at the door when i come home from work and i used to bend down and say "kiss" and he would lift his mouth toward mine and give little air kisses.
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I kiss her head and ears!! I love her soft furry head and ears!

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HEE HEE I read this too fast and thought you said you kiss her back side. hahhahhahahaha!
Oh, boy, that was a big flub! Well, she does like to stick it in my face when I sit on the floor with her.
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Hey , of course I kiss my cats ! It 's so hard to resist that cute face , he he !! it doesn't matter where ; nose , eyes , head , belly , and of course PAWS !!!
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Absolutely!!! A day's not complete without a dozen kitty kisses or more. I hug and kiss all my kitties. They are the children I never had. They give me love and affection and I return it gladly. I put my cheek up to them and say, "kisses for mommy," and I usually get a lick on the cheek. It's wonderful. It let's me know they love me too.
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Oh yeah! Gotta kiss the kids!!

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