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Stupid old Fred...

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My mother has my two boy cats, a female named Callie and she had this disreputable looking old fleabag named Fred. Fred was a wretched, spoiled homely excuse for a cat. His face was lopsided. His ears were crumpled and he was a most unattractive shade of orange. Normally I like orange cats but Fred was just a weird shade. And he was a whiny little cuss. He'd follow me through the house (me of course, only me) crying and weaving in and out between my feet until I picked him up and carried him about like a baby licking my chin.

Fred liked to sleep on cars. In fact, I once had to drive the better part of a block before his dumb self would get OFF! Aggravating little hairball.

About a month ago Fred was hit by a car. The vet tried to save him, but it became clear that the damage to his jaw, throat and internal organs was so severe he could not be fed. He had to be put down. Mom buried him and planted some flowers in the bucket of dirt he liked to sleep on.

The mailman misses him. Fred used to follow him on his route. My grandparents miss him- they take a daily walk and Fred was always waiting for them at our gate as they passed by.

And I miss the rotten critter. Miss his nagging and whining. Miss the lump sleeping on my hair when I spent the night. Miss the orange hair on EVERYTHING I took with me to their house- because, of course, Fred only ever wanted to sleep on MY stuff. I dug out a cloak today and it was covered (navy blue wool) in orange and white cat hair. >sniff< Dumb old Fred. He'll be on that rainbow bridge and I bet you a dollar I'm going to have to carry his mangy carcass across, with my chin being licked the whole way.
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awwww poor kitty

they don't have this smiley but :bighugs:

hey!!! i know what will chear ya up. look who i found!

can't findthe fat guy...he is MIA
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I'm sorry Susie.

Oh no.....no fatguy??? Poor scooter's gonna get lonely.
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Fred sounds like the exact kind of creature God puts on earth to teach us that real beauty is on the inside, and to be tolerant of each other. God bless you for caring so much for this dear little cat. It's so sad that it was a car, the object he so enjoyed sleeping on, that killed him.
I'm sure you will carry him across the Bridge some day, with a very clean and "sandpapered chin." This was an eloquent and beautiful tribute to an endearing cat. Bless you. You enriched each other's lives, and touched my heart.
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Scooter! :dood: He would be the one who tags along. For those who don't know us from B and B, Scooter :dood:, the fatguy and I are psoting buddies. They frequently offer opinions in my posts...

My mom has started an orange and yellow garden around Fred's final resting place. It should be beautiful in a couple months.
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Awww... poor Fred. I had an orange tabby named Tigger who was hit by a car. He survived and he didn't even go to the vet. He had his chin ripped and his legs were hurt badly. He forced himself to walk the very next day! I did leg stretches and fed him moistened dry food, he even got cat milk in a bottle. A month later Tigger was back to normal. He could still jump from the floor to the top of the fridge, where he layed and bit my nose. Tigger ran away last July . I will always remember him in my heart!

Sending love to Fred and Tigger

Here's some pictures of Tigger

My sweet baby

In this picture you can see the damage to his mouth...
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Tasha, You were so fortunate. I'm very glad that Tigger made it, but I would have advised taking him to the vet. It's always the best choice in a case like that. I'm sure you took loving care of him, because I know how much you love animals! But for the sake of safety, if in any doubt, take your cat to the vet.

Tasha, I'm sorry you don't have Tigger any more. I know that's very upsetting! It doesn't matter how many pets we have; each one is important.
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Stupid Old Fred got a lovely rememberance. In the telling of it, I experienced a lump in my throat, for this scruffy old guy who left your life early.
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I am so sory for your loss,I agree, sometimes beauty is onlt on the inside. He is waiting on the rain bow bridge for you!
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