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Daily Thread TGIF Feb 29th!

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I am soooooo happy its the weekend!!

I am off to a friends birthday party tomorrow night. Its a potluck So I have to think of something to bring. I am determined to make something and not buy something to bring.

Its about -12 here today..but I think its supposed to warm up next week

Have a great day folkies!
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Friday at last!

Winds are up here again between 65-75 mph I'm staying in this weekend though.

My internet supplier is having major problems in our area at home so theres a chance my internet won't be on
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Morning cats.

Yay!!! It's finally Friday.

Not much going on for me today. Just school, then the gym and probably getting together with some of my friends to celebrate the end of midterms.

It's pretty cold here too. -15*C (+5*F) right now. But by Saturday we are supposed to be above zero.
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Hi all

Almost hometime and the weekend begins. Cooler here today - about 23 degrees and it has just rained.

Weekend plans - lunch with a friend tomorrow and a braai (barbeque) with other friends on Sunday.

Have a great one!
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happy friday to you too! and happy leap day...
this weekend is supposed to be a high of zero celcius...
-25 with the windchill..
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It snowed last night and a "wintry mix" predicted for later today. The temps are creeping up to almost normal for this time of year!! Its 27F (-3C) now But its supposed to get windy so I will clean out the driveway (again) as we got a bit over 3 inches. The area broke a record for February snowfall as we are at 24" and I think about 77 inches for the season!!

Still having sinus problems-being outside for a bit should help though.

Not much on the agenda today-more knitting, might run to video store later this afternoon, and some fish for dinner, potatoes and a salad.

Happy leap day!!
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Morning All!!!!

To everyone who has the weekend off

Very cold here this morning -22 but it is suppose to warm up to -6 by this afternoon.

We"re having a heat wave
A Tropical Heat wave

Seriously though I love that part in Grumpy Old Men, it feels just like home

Heading off to work shortly, fairly routine day just putting the final touches on the month's end stuff.

Thinking about going out to dinner at the little Italian Place down the street from me they make the best baked manicotti

Kitties are good this morning tearing around the house like Banshee's.

Everyone have a good one
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Originally Posted by tierre0 View Post
Morning All!!!!

To everyone who has the weekend off

Kitties are good this morning tearing around the house like Banshee's.

Everyone have a good one
Heehee, I think that was directed at me earlier this week!

Want me to loan you another two or so to help yours?
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Happy Leap Day to All!

Today is fairly boring for me! I have nothing planned right now. I just woke up and its almost 11! But thats okay cos today is my day off!
And the only thing I have planned for today is I have to go to the DMV to get my new license... that should be an adventure all on its own...

And this weekend is my Birthday!! WOOO! 21 !!
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Good morning!! It's 30 something here right now... Not as cold as some of you guys, but still cold to me! I am SO GLAD it's the weekend. I cannot wait to sleep in tomorrow!! Hopefully Pepper will let me...
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