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Hi all! Another newbie

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Well... someone being nasty ended up blessing those she was being nasty about. And here we are. This looks like a great board! Glad we found it, whatever the circumstances.

I'm Susie. Currently the only pet I have custody of is a lop eared bunny named Talitha. My boys, my precious felines, live with my mother because my current housing doesn't allow cats... and she didn't want to part with them when I moved away anyhow! They are Pembroke and Garrick, brothers adopted from a woman in the lobby of the humane society. The staffer working said if I promised to get them neutered, she'd pretend they were never there since they hadn't been processed in yet. I wanted 2 kittens, this lady had 2 kittens in a laundry basket, it was perfect. She'd found a pregnant stray and taken it in but could only find homes for three of the kittens when they arrived. I miss my boys.

I'm a proponent of the ideology that "cats are free citizens" as Heinlein put it. I cherish their independence and free spirit and recognize them as an animal that likes to roam when left to their own nature. As such, I'm not a fan of the "indoor only" thing for cats. It seems to go fundamentally against their nature. Val (one of your other new members) and I go round and round on this one. But it's all good at the end of the day.

Anyway, I will now vanish for several days as I'm going on vacation. But I'll be back.
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Hi Susie!
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ah ya know I love ya!!! I can't complain to much I have those outside strays i'm taking care of. I just worry about them getting hit by cars and stuff ya know I'm a nervous wreck!!
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Welcome Susie! (I love your nickname btw, it's just too cute. )

We have a mix here of people that have indoor only, outdoor only, and indoor/outdoor cats, so you shouldn't be given grief over that. I personally keep my little Spike indoors, but that's just me.

I'm sorry that the circumstances that you found us weren't pleasant, but hey, at least you're here now.
Welcome aboard!
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Hi Susie!
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Welcome to the site Susie! I agree with Jenn, no matter what the circumstances I'm glad you found us here - all of you actually.

We've had quite a few discussions on the indoor/outdoor debate. There are very strong feelings on both sides, much like the declawing debate (although most everyone here is vehemently anti-declaw!), but we try to keep our discussions friendly and respectful.
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Welcome! Join in the fun!!!

It's not how you get here that matters, it's what you find in the end! A place full of friendship and great people!

My cat is an indoor cat only. Personal choice. She was a stray and tries to run away all the time. I love her too much to let her go. Plus....our puppy was hit by a vehicle . It was a very sad day for all of us. Considering we never allowed him to run free, those 2 minutes when we thought: why not let him run around the yard without his leash turned out to be his final 2 minutes of life.... I doubt I can ever forget that moment....
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