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My Bengal cat driving my aby crazy! help

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This might sound strange But I have a 1 1/2 year old Bengal Brat
and a 2 year old aby..I got the aby after the Bengal as I lost my 21
year old Siamese and thought it would make a nice play mate..

The bengal has a wonderful disposition..the Aby since I got him Is
So intimated by the bengal.. neither cat fights..But the bengal won't
quit..Any place The Aby is chair bed Roof! ha! the Bengal gives him
the high five sign and the aby fly's away. and he get
s right in his place... him..and The bengal cat only wants to be near him ect.

I can't say from the beg he has not tried..But the Aby NOOO Deal!

He the Aby just simply want's no part of him period ...

He loves me very much and I love him but it is so difficult to see him
constantly running away from the bengal... the only time he will
stand even near him is when there is food comming out so I can't believe
he is really that afraid

Sadly my old siamese put them both in their place and they both
really loved him but he is now is bongo around here..

the aby only want's to eat and sleep and if I don't play with him
he does not move..and is getting fat! he prob sleeps 20 hours out
of a day the bengal sleeps half that..and is alway's playing with something
I am guessing there is no solution.. but thought I ASK!
the aby really likes people but this does not help the situation much..
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sounds like the same that goes on with my 2.
all eazy wants to do is play with heyu, or to lay down next to her.
But she wants nothing to do with it. she used to just leave the room when eazy came in.

it seems to have gotten a little better, at least heyu no longer leaves the room, and will sometimes play with eazy. But man its taken a over a year to get this far.
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My suggestion would be to play as much as you can with the bengal kitty and do your best to wear him out. This should satisfy the majority of his need for exercise and entertainment which should result in less begging for attention from your aby. Good luck!
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I've got almost the same situation with my two. Forrest wants to play all the time and Lilly just wants him to leave her alone. The mix of Oriental blood in Forrest makes him a little tornado of energy most of the time and Lilly is a couch potato. Sometimes she will play with him but no more than a few minutes a day tops.

My solution is to take the time to play with Forrest at least twice a day in an activity that will wear him out (laying on the floor panting worn out). This has really helped the atmosphere between him and Lilly. She is much more relaxed around him now and when he does want to play she'll just ignore him and he'll usually goes away and leave her alone.

It was a rough introduction between the two when he came to live with us at 3 months of age. He's now 9 months old and it is getting better between the two. Sometimes I do have to resort to just locking him off into the back half of the house away from Lilly for a while if he gets too bad around her. But everyday it gets a little better.
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It is a mess...and kinda sad tooo

I Play more then most with the bengal..but there is just no end
as I am not a cat...he is getting more of a lap cat and demands
me to play and rub him if I don't he get's into more trouble..

He just want's a cat ect..but he is tooo pushy and the more
he wants attention..the aby wants no part..
However, Sad he will play with me but not if the bengal is around
and locking either of them up is tough room wise..

And neither are really doing anything aggression ect..
just sucks!
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Get another young male Bengal?
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I'm actually surprised you have this situation at all. Aby's are well known for their rambunctious playful high energy style. Your Aby should be able to and want to keep up with your bengal.
It's certainly possible you just have the rare Aby with a more laid back nature.

How long have the two known each other?
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I got the aby when He was 1 1/2 years old..and Simby my Bengal
was 1 year old...The aby is sooo odd..He feels threat of some kind

Simby the bengal Puts up his paw like a high sign not hissing or anything
and the aby runs away...even if he is up on my bed All he does
is look and look to see where he is..It's absurd...and very annoying to
me ..The only way he will stand near him is For food..He would climb the alps
for food that's it..!

He sure does not have any aby traits Like I have read about
other then he is gorgeous and getting very heavy ..which is bothering
me alot...

thanks for your response...the Bengal is a goofy cat alway's in everything

I Love the little guy but I truly like the Bengal's Wonderful
personality much better !he is really cute but a big pain!
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Bengals are strong personality breeds and you can't be to upset with him. He lost his mentor and discovered he now has power over his kingdom. Maybe he wasn't ready for a new intro , and is bullying a bit, over claiming his territory. Just keep giving the Aby encouragement and your Bengal boy some extra attention in play, support, and attitude adjustment if he gets over bearing/bully!
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