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Some good news... Some not so good news.

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Let's start with the good news!
I got my beautiful girl! Her name is Lily and I love her. I'm waiting to get my mum's camera so I can take some pics of her. At first she hid under my bed, but by night time she smelt the (human) salmon we were eating and couldn't resist coming out! She has been literally following me around the house ever since. She is always right next to me or behind me, telling me a story as we're walking. She's so talkative! She totally leaves the birds alone too (thank god), in fact she hasn't noticed them! The foster carer had her in a room with birds though so I think she's used to them =]

Now, the bad news.
Memphis got out during the night... We moved house last weekend and he's been living with my sister (who is my next door neighbour and moved too (we were living together beforehand).
He's used to sleeping on my bed and having me around, but he seemed okay with my sis. Obviously moving is stressful on him. We decided to keep him as in indoor only cat after the move, as it would be easier to do it with a move. Last night, my sister's flat was really hot (she'd been unpacking) so she locked Memphis in the bedroom and opened the windows to cool down a bit. I am so angry at her right now... she forgot to shut the windows and Memphis got out during the night. He was probably either looking for me, or looking for home. Not to mention the massive fall he would have had from the window... I know it won't do any damage, but that really is a massive jump to the ground. I spent all day calling for him and then figured he was probably scared and would come out on his own. So some chicken (Memphis is weird and isn't a fan of smelly fish) is outside waiting for him... and I can only hope he comes home.
We're in a really new area with really busy roads either side of our street, so I'm really worried about him.
Any suggestions anyone? I'm about to go out and I think I've exhausted all my options looking around... Small spaces, places he could get stuck, under cars, on the roof... The only place I haven't tried is sis' flat. Because she's out all night and doesn't get home until tomorrow, and I don't have her keys. She's been home and gone out again quickly to feed him, but she hasn't told me that she's seen him, and she probably didn't have a good look. She loves him, but... she's not paranoid and stuff like I am

So... lots of for Memphis please.

and say hello to Lily!
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Oh no. Praying Memphis comes back home.
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Oh, I hope you find Memphis soon!

If sister isn't home soon, is there anyway you can get into her place? Locksmith? Heck, break in!! Have you called your old neighbors to see if he's gone back 'home'?
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Lily sounds like a little cutie pie, can't wait to see pictures of her
Many For Memphis to come home! Hope he comes back!
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I've moved this to SOS as the experts here will have ideas about bringing Memphis home.
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My sister got home last night and no sign of him... I had work that I couldn't get out of so I wasn't there...

Memphis is a smart cat though... he's probably just exploring... I really do think that he'll just come back when he gets really hungry. My only worry is that he's stuck somewhere, or if he's tried to get home. We've always lived on the north side of our city, but now we're on the south side. So that means that to get home, we have to pass the city and the massive highways. He's too much of a scaredy cat to do that though, so I'm keeping my thoughts positive. He's disappeared before for a few days and come back like "WHY DIDN'T YOU LOOK HARDER FOR ME?!" so we can only hope and keep looking
He is smarter than any cat I've ever had before. He knows what's going on. I'm sure of it.

Lily is a beautiful girl! She slept next to me all night last night. I put a sig up so you can see her there
She's seeming more and more like a Turkish Van, but I think they're pretty rare over here (Her owner supposedly got her as a purebred Turkish Van but who knows... No papers or anything). I read up on the breed though, she hates to be picked up but she loves following you around the house like a dog. She's a bit wary of strangers but as soon as she gets to know them she loves them =]
We love her very much! We're introducing her to the dog tomorrow, fingers crossed that all goes well. I can't see anything too bad about it. Only that Memphis is pretty rough with him, so we're hoping he knows not to be too rough around this new cat! He's only a teeny dog anyway... The cat would win in a fight

Long post!
I'm excited, can you tell?
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I got a text message at 2am this morning "Memphis came home!"
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Yea! Congrats!
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Thats goood news; yr cats are beauties..
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Way to go Memphis!
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Omigosh, Lily is beautiful!! She could pose for a calendar or something!
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Aw thank you!! I think she's beautiful too...
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